Hot Topics in Computer-Assisted Surgery (Seminar, 2SWS)

Time/Room March 27/28 (block seminar), G29-335
LecturerJun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Hansen
MajorCV(M), IF(M), INGIF(M), WIF(M), MSE (M)

Hot research topics in the field of computer-assisted surgery are presented and discussed in this seminar. These topics are:

After an introduction into the field of computer-assisted surgery, the above mentioned topics are presented in form of student presentations. Therefore, scientific publications are provided by the lecturer. The aim of this seminar is to provide an overview about current research in computer-assisted surgery. In addition, students can train and improve their skills in scientific reading, presentation and discussion.

The number of participants for this seminar is limited. A registration via LSF is required.

Introduction Christian Hansen
Visual Support for Interactive Post-Interventional Assessment of Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy ppt Juliane Höbel
Navigated CT-guided interventions ppt Xiaole Yan
Principles of MR-guided interventions ppt Sanchit Rathi
3D ultrasound-CT registration of the liver using combined landmark-intensity information ppt Laura Osten
Intraoperative Fluorescence-Guided Resection of High-Grade Gliomas ppt Monique Meuschke
Integrated navigation and control software system for MRI-guided robotic prostate interventions ppt Rui Zhang
The design and construction of neuroArm ppt Sarah Pauksch