Lecture: Computer-Assisted Surgery


Tuesday, 5 pm, G29-335

LecturerJun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Hansen
Major CV(B/M), IF(B/M), INGIF(B/M), WIF(B/M), MSE (M)

Computer-assisted surgery is an interdisciplinary research field that builds a bridge between surgery and computer science. It represents a set of methods which use computer technology to support preoperative planning, the actual surgery, and postoperative assessment.

This lecture will offer an overview of computer-assisted surgery. After an introduction of fundamentals, the state of the art in computer-assisted surgery is presented on the basis of clinical examples. Following topics are adressed:


Date Topic
October, 11 Introduction ppt
October, 18 Surgical Imaging I ppt
October, 25 Surgical Imaging II ppt
November, 1 Surgical Visualization ppt
November, 8 Surgery Planning I ppt
November, 15 Surgery Planning II ppt
November, 22 Tracking and Navigation Systems I ppt
December, 6 Tracking and Navigation Systems II ppt
December, 13 Demo: Tracking and Navigation Systems
January, 10 Planning and Execution of Thermoablations ppt
January, 17 Tracking and Navigation Systems III ppt
January, 24 Development and Evaluation of Medical Software ppt


There is a seminar in addition to the lecture. The number of participants is limited. A registration via LSF is required.



Successful participation of the seminar is necessary for the admission to the oral examination. For the exam preperation, a list of possible questions is provided.