Seminar: Computer-Assisted Surgery (2SWS)


Weekend "Blockseminar" on 2-3 December 2017 and on 13-14 January 2018

Room G29-335
Lecturer Dr. Sandy Engelhardt
MajorCV(B/M), IF(B/M), INGIF(B/M), WIF(B/M), MSE (M)

In this seminar, research topics in the field of computer-assisted surgery are presented and discussed. Therefore, scientific publications are provided by the lecturer. The aim of this seminar is to provide an overview about current research in computer-assisted surgery. In addition, students can train and improve their skills in scientific reading, presentation and discussion. Besides that, students will have the choice to do a small CAS-related project.

The number of participants for this seminar is limited to 36. Registration is closed.

Topics Blockseminar 1

Slides ppt

01: Surgical Planning

02: Optical and Electromagnetic Tracking

03: User Interfaces and Display

04: 3D Reconstruction

05: Augmented Reality

06: Surgical Robotics

07: Surgical Innovations

Topics Blockseminar 2

08: Mobile Augmented Reality

09: Fiducials

10: Robotic Ultrasound

11: Tool Tracking

12: Surgical Skill Assessment

13: Surgical Process Modelling and Phase Detection

14: Toolkits and Protocols

15: Imaging