Human-Computer Interfaces in Medicine (Seminar, 2SWS)

Time/Room Tuesday, 9 h ct, room G22A-211
LecturerJun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Hansen
MajorCV(B), IF(B), INGIF(B), WIF(B), MSE (M)


Important topics in the field of Human-Machine Interaction are presented and discussed in this seminar. These topics are:

After an introduction into the field of computer-assisted surgery, the above mentioned topics are presented in form of student presentations. Therefore, scientific publications are provided by the lecturer.

The aim of this seminar is to provide an overview about Human-Machine Interaction in medicine. In addition, students can train and improve their skills in scientific reading, presentation and discussion.

The number of participants for this seminar is limited. A registration via LSF is required.


Date Topic Presenter
Oct 15, 2013 Introduction ppt Christian Hansen
Oct 22, 2013Visit of Research Campus "STIMULATE"  
Oct 29, 2013 Discussion about additional topics
Nov 5, 2013 Visit of Clinic for Neuroradiology
Meeting: 9 h ct, entrance of building 60a
Nov 12, 2013 Image-guided interventions: technology review and clinical applications ppt Hamideh Abadi, Sanchit Rathi
Nov 19, 2013 Advanced Medical Displays: A Literature Review of Augmented Reality ppt Xiaolei Yan
Nov 19, 2013 A Taxonomy for Mixed Reality Visualization in Image Guided Surgery ppt Tom Gr�nder
Nov 26, 2013 First Deployments of
Augmented Reality in
Operating Rooms
Tong Wu
Nov 26, 2013 A portable image overlay projection device for computer-aided open liver surgery ppt Dirk Brosius
Dez 3, 2013 Projector-based surgeon-computer interaction on deformable surfaces Jens Ziegle
Dez 3, 2013 Human-Computer Interfaces in 3D telemedicine ppt Negar Passand
Dez 10, 2013 A Non-Contact Mouse for Surgeon-Computer Interaction Alexander Simmer
Dez 10, 2013 Direct Surgeon Control of the Computer in the Operating Room ppt Julian Alpers
Dez 17, 2013 Alarms and human behavior: implications for
medical alarms
Tianqi Zhang
Dez 17, 2013 Evaluation of Human-Computer Interfaces ppt Michael Kainzbauer
Jan 14, 2014 Monitoring with Head-Mounted Displays in General Anesthesia Rui Zhang
Jan 14, 2014 Auditory feedback during frameless image-guided surgery ppt Rainer Landes
Jan 21, 2014 Combining Simulation and Interactive Tabletops for Medical Education Murtaza Habib
Jan 28, 2014Visit of Clinic for Surgery -