Human-Computer Interfaces in Medicine (Block Seminar, 2SWS)


First meeting: June 1th, 5 pm ct, room 29-307
Block seminar 1: August 24-25, 9am-5pm
Block seminar 2: October 6-7, 9am-5pm

LecturerJun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Hansen
Major MSE (M), CV(B), IF(B), INGIF(B)


Important topics in the field of Human-Machine Interaction are presented and discussed in this seminar. These topics are:

After an introduction into the field of computer-assisted surgery, the above-mentioned topics are presented in form of student presentations. Therefore, scientific publications are provided by the lecturer.

The aim of this seminar is to provide an overview about Human-Machine Interaction in medicine. In addition, students can train and improve their skills in scientific reading, presentation and discussion.

The number of participants for this seminar is limited. A registration via LSF is required.

Important Information/Rules


Slides from our first meeting (June 1th)