Lecture/Seminar: Interactive Systems

Time/room TBA
Lecturer Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Hansen
Language German


This bachelor module is dedicated to the field of human-computer interaction. It provides an introduction into technical and psychological concepts that play a role in research and development of interactive systems. In this context, techniques in the field of usability engineering and human factors are introduced. You will gain knowledge about cognitive foundations of interactive systems, established design rules, basic and advanced interaction techniques, and methods for user-centered development. In addition, you will learn how to implement interactive systems and how to evaluate these systems appropriately.


Content Slides
Interaction with Real Devices  
Principles of User Interface Design I  
Principles of User Interface Design II  
Cognitive Foundations for Interactive Systems  
Basic Interaction Techniques  
Lab Demos (3DUI labs, VR lab, navigation lab)  
Window Systems  
Dialog Design  
Advanced Interaction Techniques I  
Advanced Interaction Techniques II  
Usability Engineering I  
Usability Engineering II  


The tutorial is arranged as a software project. More information will be provided in the first lecture.


The lecture closes with a written exam. The successful participation in the tutorials is mandatory for admission to the examination.