Seminar: Three-dimensional & Advanced Interaction


Friday, 1pm, room G29-335

Lecturer Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Hansen, Benjamin Hatscher
Major CV(M), IF(M), INGIF(M), WIF(M), MSE (M)

Advanced three-dimensional human-computer interfaces are presented and discussed in this seminar. Therefore, the lecturer provides scientific publications.

The aim of this seminar is to provide an overview about current research in the field of 3D interaction, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). In addition, related applications in medicine and computer games are discussed. Students can train and improve their skills in scientific reading, presentation and discussion. The number of participants for this seminar is limited. A registration via LSF is required.


Slides from the first meeting


Nov-4-2016 (3D Interaction Techniques)

Exploring Frame Gestures for Fluid Freehand Sketching Grigori Jordan

Nov-11-2016 (3D Interaction Techniques)

A Survey of 3D Object Selection Techniques for Virtual Environments Aleksandar Stojnic
The Leap Motion movement for 2D pointing tasks Bernhard Schekatz

Nov-18-2016(3D Input Devices)

The Wiimote and Byyond: Spatially Convenient Devices for 3D User Interfaces Danny Görner
Direct-Touch vs. Mouse Input for Tabletop Displays Anusha Ramesh

Nov-25-2016 (3D Input Devices)

Whole Hand Modeling using 8 Wearable Sensors: Biomechanics for Hand Pose Prediction Lena Cibulski

Dez-02-2016 (3D Output Devices)

Pinlight Displays: Wide Field of View Augmented Reality Eyeglasses using Defocused Point Light Sources Franz Kuntke
MuMYO - Evaluating and Exploring the MYO Armband for Musical Interaction Sreeramya Ananthula

Dez-09-2016 (3D Interaction in Medicine)

Touchless Interaction in Surgery Alexander Simmer
Exploration of 3D Medical Image Data for Interventional Radiology using Myoelectric Gesture Control Jitendra Rai

Dez-16-2016 (3D UI in Games)

RoomAlive: Magical Experiences Enabled by Scalable, Adaptive Projector-Camera Units Thu Ha Claudia Vuon

Jan-13-2017 (3DUI in the Automotive Industry)

Multimodal Interaction in the Car Eduard Rotärmel
Direct and Indirect Physiological Control to Enhance Game Interaction Max Frick

Jan-20-2017 (Augmented Reality Interaction)

Perceptual Issues in Augmented Reality Revisited Gerd Schmidt
The Effect of Augmented Reality on Attention Kai Bornemann