Seminar: Three-dimensional & Advanced Interaction


Friday, 9am, room G29-E037

First session 13 October 2017
Lecturer Fabian Joeres
Major CV(M), IF(M), INGIF(M), WIF(M), MSE (M)

The aim of this seminar is to provide an overview about current research in the field of 3D interaction, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). In addition, related applications in medicine and computer games are discussed. Students can train and improve their skills in scientific reading, presentation and discussion. The number of participants for this seminar is limited. A registration via LSF is required.



Topic assignment

Preliminary Timeline

13.10. Introduction -
20.10. Topic assignment -
27.10. BREAK -
03.11. Ebert, 2012. You can’t touch this – touch free navigation through radiological images Laxman Reddy Pachika
Hatscher, 2017. Foot interaction concepts to support radiological interventions Available (may get moved to another session)
Huckauf, 2008. On object selection in gaze controlled environments Sara Zecha
10.11. Au, 2012. Multitouch gestures for constrained transformation of 3D objects Available (may get moved to another session)
Forlines, 2007. Direct-touch vs mouse input for tabletop displays Annika Niemann
Schmidt, 2008. Sketiching and Composing Widgets for 3D Manipulation Elke Grabe
17.11. Kim, 2012. Digits: Freehand 3D Interactions Anywhere: Using a WristWorn Gloveless Sensor Veronika Weiß
Wingrave, 2010. The Wiimote and Beyond: Spatially Convenient Devices for 3D User Interfaces Available (may get moved to another session)
Gavaghan, 2011. Evaluation of a portable image overlay projector for the visualisation of surgical navigation data: phantom studies Lalith Sharan Gururaj
Maimone, 2014. Pinlight Displays: Wide field of view augmented reality eyeglasses using defocused point light sources Available (may get moved to another session)
Narita, 2014. Usefulness of a glass-free medical three-dimensional autostereoscopic display in neurosurgery Available (may get moved to another session)
24.11. Herling, 2011. Markerless tracking for augmented reality Andreas Petrow
Bobeth, 2014. Evaluating performance and acceptance of older adults using free-hand gestures for TV menu control Fabian Schrader
01.12. Kim, 2009. Simulated Augmented Reality Windshield Display as a Cognitive Mapping Aid for Elder Drivers Christian Mertens
Riecke, 2010. Do we need to walk for effective virtual reality navigation? Physical rotation alone may suffice Gabriel Moczalla
Tönnis, 2010. Effective control of a car driver’s attention for visual and acoustic guidance towards an imminent danger Alina Kalacheva
08.12. Kin, 2011. Eden: A professional multitouch tool for constructing virtual organic environments Available (may get moved to another session)
Klein, 2012. A design studz of direct touch interaction for exploratory 3D scientific visualisation Benedikt Mayer
Kosara, 2003. Thoughts on user studies: Why, how and when? Sinah Herrklotsch
15.12. Chmarra, 2009. Systems for tracking minimally invasive surgical instruments Lars Schnell
Hrabia, 2013. Whole hand modelling using 8 wearable sensors: Biomechanics for hand pose prediction Available (may get moved to another session)
Liarokapis, 2009. Multimodal augmented reality tangible gaming Anne Döbler
Lü, 2012. Gesture coder: A tool for programming multi-touch gestures by demonstration Kenneth Allan
22.12. Pfleging, 2012. Multimodal interaction in the car: Combining speech and gestures on the steering wheel Felix Sturm
Tönnis, 2006. Survey of challenges relates to the design of 3D user interfaces for car drivers Simon Frübis
12.01. Chmarra, 2009. Systems for tracking minimally invasive surgical instruments Muttahir Mumtaz
Henderson, 2011. Exploring the benefits of augmented reality Sophie Herbrechtsmeyer
Kruijf, 2010. Perceptual issues in augmented reality revisited Florian Waldschik
19.01. Dixon, 2012. Surgeons blinded by enhanced navigation – the effect of augmented reality on attention Alina Solovjova
Freschi, 2014. Hybrid simulation using mixed reality for interventional ultrasound imaging training Harikrishna Polavarapu
Katic, 2014. A system for context-aware intraoperative augmented reality in dental implant surgery Danny Schott
26.01. Gerling, 2012. Full-Body motion-based game interaction for older adults Carsten Greif
Jones, 2014. RoomAlive: Magical experiences enabled by scalable, adaptive projector-camera units Tobias Benecke
Nacke, 2010. More than a feeling: Measurement of sonic user experience and psychophysiology in a first-person shooter game Available (may get moved to another session)