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  Courses in Winter Semester

Courses in Winter Semester

Environmental and Business Simulation

Time/Location: Lecture: Wednesdays 09am - 11am in 29-335
Contents: Subject of the environmental simulation are continuous growth models, population models, robber-prey systems, ecological systems, socio-economical systems up to the world model World3/91.
The business simulation looks into the base model of a factory (procuring, production, sales) reacting to disturbances and the workshop production, completed by market influences and macro economy.
Simulation tools are STELLA (System Dynamics) with graphic user interface and the equation oriented ACSL.
Language: German
Lecturer: Rüdiger Hohmann
Time: Lecture: 2 hours per week
Exercises: 2 hours per week
Target Audience: for WIF in stage II studies
Assign to: for WIF optional compulsory, business informatics
Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge in Differential Calculus
Examination: Oral Examination or Proof of Academic Achievement
ECTS-Credits: 5 (L: 21,5 E: 21)
Bibliographical References: Bossel, H.: "Modellbildung und Simulation"; Braunschweig, Wiesbaden; Vieweg, 1992
Hering, E., u.a.: "Unternehmenssimulation mit dem PC"; Braunschweig, Wiesbaden; Vieweg, 1989

Introduction to Computer Science

Time/Location: Lecture: Mondays 3pm - 5pm in 22b-302
Lecture: Fridays 9am - 11am in 03-308
Tutorial: Wednesdays 1pm - 3pm in 02-112 (for mathematicians)
Tutorial: Fridays 7am - 9am in 02-113 (for physicists)
Contents: Historical Development - Computer Generations, Structure of Computers, Word Processing, Net Services, Subject of Computer Sciene, Number Systems, Turing Machine, Algorithms, Calculability, Language and Grammar, Introduction to a Procedural Programming Language
Language of Instruction: German
Lecturer: Rüdiger Hohmann (L)
  M. Jach (tutorials)
Time: Lectures: 4 hours per week
Tutorial:  2 hours per week
Target Audience: Students of Mathematics and Sciences in 2nd Semester
Assign to: for MA compulsory
for PH optional compulsory
Prerequisite: none
Examination: Proof of Academic Achievement
Bibliographical References: will be annouced in the lectures

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