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Computer labs and contact people at the ISG

The current lab rules are on display in every computer lab. Important dates in this respect are the following:
  • The labs of the ISG (29-229, 29-241, 29-243, 29-244, and 29-245) are closed on mondays from 7am to 10:30am for maintenance work. During this time, temporal outages in server availability may occur.
  • Office hours of the computer maintenance group are mondays and wednesdays from 10am til 11am and 2pm til 3pm for all students.

There are different contact people at the ISG for the various problems that might be encountered:

Hardware, Accounting
Labs: Volkmar Hinz
Windows accounting: Heiko Dorwarth
Unix: Heiko Dorwarth
PC lab: Thomas Rosenburg
Various technical problems (e.g. printer toner): Thomas Rosenburg
Information Services
Mail: Heiko Dorwarth
Wold Wide Web: ISG webmaster
Mail-Web-Gateway (Roundcube) Startpage
Exchange Server Startpage
Seafile-Server Startseite
Overleaf-Server Startpage
ISG-AD-Domain Cert-Server (only from inside) Startpage
Download ISG-AD-Domain Certificate Authority Download

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