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Here you will find a collection of referrences to components of the lecture notes, the simulation system GPSS/H and the animation system Proof Animation. No component is more than a few clicks a way, and in many cases you will find example programs and models.

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Enter your queries (separated by spaces or commas) in the search box. To search for a sequence of words, place the words in between double quotes (for example, "logic switch"). If a match is found for any of the words/phrases you were searching for, the name of the file, that file's size, and the date of its last update (according to the server) are added to the list below the progress bar. Double click on a file name in the list to have your browser directed to it.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Proof Animation
  3. GPSS/H as a Programming Language
  4. GPSS/H-Queueing Models
  5. GPSS/H-Controlling Concepts
Assignments and Final Presentations

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