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GPSS/H Blocks

Blocks describe the course of Transactions, their behaviour in time, their temporal assignment to model elements like Facilities, Queues, Storages and User Chaines. Blocks assign values during the simulation run and control the collection of statistical result data.

ADVANCE Hold for a time interval
ASSIGN Assignment for parameters of a Xact
ALTER Value transfer to parameters of an other Xact
ASSEMBLE Waiting and destruction of Xacts of an Assembly Set
ATNWAIT Xact waits for an attention interrupt from the user in the interactive mode
BCALL Call a routine external to GPSS/H
BCLEAR Block form of the CLEAR control statement
BCLOSE Close a File
BFILEDEF Define and open a file when a Xact enters
BGETLIST Read a data record when a Xact enters
BGETSTRING Read a record from a file (Block form of GETSTRING)
BLET Assign a value when a Xact enters
BPUTPIC Output a data record when a Xact enters
BPUTSTRING Write a record to a file
BRESET Block form of the RESET control statement
BUFFER Restart CEC processing
CHANGE Replace a Block by another one
COUNT Count object states and attribute values
DEPART Leave a Queue
ENTER Enter a Storage
EXAMINE Test if a value or Transaction belongs to a group
EXECUTE Execution of a specified Block
FAVAIL Make a Faility available
FUNAVAIL Make a Facility unavailable
GATE Check a state condition
GATHER Gather Xacts of an Assembly Set
GENERATE Generate a Transaction (Xact)
HELP Call an Assembly Subroutine
INDEX Increment a Parameter's value
JOIN Join a Group
LEAVE Unload a Storage
LINK Enter a User Chain
LOGIC Set a Logic Switch
LOOP Cycle for Xacts
MARK Store the current time into a Xact attribute
MATCH Wait for a Xact of the same Assembly set in an other MATCH-Block
MSAVEVALUE Assigning a value to a Matrix Savevalue
PREEMPT Edge out a Xact from a Facility, Preemption
PRINT Print components of the Standard Output
PRIORITY Reassign the priority of a Xact
QUEUE Enter a Queue
RELEASE Release a Facility
REMOVE Remove a value or Xact from a Group
RESCHEDULE Change the event time of a Xact in the FEC
RETURN Release a preempted Facility
SAVAIL Make Storage available
SAVEVALUE Assignment to a Savevalue
SCAN Get a parameter value from an Xact in a Group
SEIZE Seize a Facility
SELECT Select an object with a given property
SPLIT Copy a Xact and create an Assembly Set
SUNAVAIL Make a Storage unavailable
TABULATE Enter a value into a Table
TERMINATE Destroy a Xact
TEST Check an arithmetical property
TRANSFER Transfer a xact to another Block
TRACE Start tracing an entering Xact
UNLINK Leave a User Chain
UNTRACE Stop tracing the entering Xact

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