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GPSS/H Control Statements

Control StatementFunction
BVARIABLE Define a Boolean Variable
CALL Call an external routine
CLEAR Delete all statistics and remove all Xacts
CLOSE Close a file
DO Cycle
ELSE Alternative for IF
ELSEIF More alternatives for IF
END End of the source code
ENDDO End of a DO-loop
ENDIF End of an IF-statement
FILEDEF Specify a file for data in- and output
FUNCTION Define a function
FVARIABLE Define a floating point variable
GETLIST Read a data record
GETSTRING Read a character string
GOTO Unconditional branch
HERE Insert a label
IF Conditional branch
INITIAL Assign initial values for Savevalues, Matrices, Logic Switches and Storage Capacities
QTABLE Automatically record Queue residence times in a Table
LET Assignment
MATRIX Define Type, Number of columns and number of rows of a Matrix
PICTURE Define an output mask
PUTPIC Output a data record
PUTSTRING Output a character string
READ Restore a SAVEd model
RESET Reset statistics collected for Blocks, Facilities, Storages, Queues, User Chains, and Tables.
RMULT Alter the sequence of pseudo-random values produced by one or more Random Number Streams
SAVE Write a memory image of a model into a file
SIMULATE Model is to be executed
START Start a simulation run and set the start counter
STORAGE Define a Storage capacity
TABLE Define a Table
VARIABLE Define a Variable

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