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Trace File Commands

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Trace File Commands are used to create, manipulate and destroy Objects of an animation. You can find more detailed information on this topic in chapter 2.
Since this pages is an overview, not every detail of every command is listed here.

Name Function Syntax Example(s)
ATTACH Attach two Objects to each other ATTACH ObjectID1 [TO] ObjectID2 attach car1 to locomotive

attach 27 to 28
CREATE Create an Object CREATE classname ObjectID create forklift 27

create inspector chief
DESTROY Destroy an Object DESTROY ObjectID destroy 27

destroy chief
DETACH Detach two attached Objects DETACH ObjectID1 [FROM] ObjectID2 detach car1 from locomotive

detach 28 from 27
DT Increment the value of the animation clock by a specified amount DT time dt 100

dt .001
END Marks the end of a Trace File END end
MOVE Move an Object, that has been created and placed before, to an absolute or relative (RELATIVE) position.
Either a duration...
MOVE ObjectID duration xdesk ydesk[RELATIVE] move 1 100 3 4

move 3 100 3 4 relative
... or a speed (s ) must be specified. MOVE ObjectID SPEED s xdesk ydesk[RELATIVE] move 10 speed 5 8 -6 relative
PLACE AT Make an Object appear at a specified position. PLACE ObjectID AT x y place 150 at 150 100
PLACE ON Place an Object on a Path PLACE ObjectID ON pathname [SQUEEZE] [AT OFFSET] place 15 on Track23

place 99 on Loop at 130.5
Place an Object on the end of a Path PLACE ObjectID ON pathname [SQUEEZE] [AT END] place 11 on Accpath squeeze at end
Place an Object on a Path in front of another Object PLACE ObjectID1 ON pathname [BEFORE] ObjectID2 place 22 on Accpath before 23
Place an Object on a path behind another Object PLACE ObjectID1 ON pathname [AFTER] ObjectID2 place 22 on Accpath after 23
PLACE IN Place an Object at the same place as another Object PLACE ObjectID1 IN ObjectID2 place 15 in 16
PLOT Add a new line to a Plot or replace an existing line ([#segment_id]) PLOT plot_name [#segment_id] x1 y1 x2 y2 [COLOR c] plot Utilisation 120 93.1 121 93.2

plot Trace #27 100 83 105 87 color F4
PLOT CLEAR Remove a Plot PLOT plot_name CLEAR plot myplot clear
ROTATE Rotate an Object to a specified angle (a postive angle means a counterclockwise rotation) ROTATE ObjectID [TO] angle rotate 23 to -90

rotate 23 to 90
Rotate an Object to a specified angle with a given speed ROTATE ObjectID [TO] angle SPEED s [STEP degrees] rotate 23 90 speed 10 step 5
Rotate an Object to a specified angle with a given duration. ROTATE ObjectID [TO] angle TIME dt [STEP degrees] rotate 23 90 time 50 step 5

rotate 95 to 0 speed 25
Rotate an Object "forever" (until the animation ends or a new ROTATE vor the same object ROTATE ObjectID SPEED s [STEP degrees] rotate Hand speed 20 step 10
SET COLOR Change the color of objects (If CLASS is specified instead of a color, the Object takes on the color of its class.) SET [OBJECT] ObjectID COLOR c set Object 12 color f3

set Object 12 color class
SET CLASS Assign an Object to a new class SET [OBJECT] ObjectID CLASS classname set objekt 99 class busy
SET CLEARENCE Change the clearances of an Object. This command is used if Objects need to accumulate with different clearances depending on their rotational orientation. SET [OBJECT] ObjectID CLEARENCE fore aft set Forklift clearence 8 10
SOUND Turns on a tone of the specified frequency (frequency = 0 turns off the tone.) SOUND frequency sound 440

sound 0
Tone on the tone that is specified by a note name SOUND Note ["#" or "b"] [octave_number] sound Ab

sound F#6
SYSCALL Call DOS-programs or DOS-commands respectively SYSCALL command_or_program_name syscall dir/p

syscall myprog
TIME Set the animation clock to a specified value. (JUMP can be used as "fast forward") TIME [JUMP] timevalue time 100

time .001

time jump 1000
WRITE Change MESSAGEs defined in Draw-Mode WRITE messagename textstring write avgtime Average Time: 12.345

write status Broken Down!
WRITE Change MESSAGEs defined in Class-Mode WRITE messagename(ObjectID) textstring write ID(23) 23

write status(Lathe) Broken Down!

Overview by Hagen Höpfner in January 1999 (source: Proof Helpsystem)

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