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Magdeburg's Animation Gallery

The gallery presents animation examples as results of assignments in the course or from simulation projects of different application areas. The collection consists of three parts:

PartTimeProof VersionProperties
A1992 - 2008P1 - P4 2D animation without bitmaps in the Layout or Classes
B2008 - 2013P5 2D animation with bitmaps in the Layout or Classes
C2009 - 2013P3D 3D Animations with imported 3D models

For watching the presented examples in their original version the download and installation of Wolverine's Student Software is required.

A selection of examples you can find on YouTube:

1995-2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

A) 2D Animations 1992 - 2008

Carsten Poege: Jigsaw Puzzle Colored puzzle objects are generated. They move and turn themselves in an apparently disordered mode to their final places.
10 KB 15 KB 20,453 KB 301 KB YouTube
Carsten Poege (1996): Jigsaw Puzzle
Nico Flohr: Chessboard The arrays of a chessboard are initially placed on a circle. They are attached and moved as a chain to their usual positions.
1 KB 13 KB 5,983 KB 208 KB YouTube
Nico Flohr (1997): Chessboard
Steffen Masik: Amusement Park The amusement park is an example of a queueing network. Visitors come from different sources and select different service stations. If all stations are busy the visitors leave the park using different exits.
17 KB 30 KB 22,487 KB 515 KB
267 KB
Steffen Masik (1999): Amusement Park
Ulrich Zinn: Lottery In a big drum are small shares as lottery tickets in an apparently random motion. Sometimes a share is moved to a selection tube. The number of this share wins.
10 KB 11 KB 9,514 KB 177 KB YouTube
Ulrich Zinn (1999): Lottery
Klaus Pinkert: Queues of Vehicles Vehicles arrive on a one-lane road in random distances with different speeds. Passing is impossible. The lengths of vehicle queues are registered after 4km and 8 km.
11 KB 80 KB 8,963 KB 612 KB YouTube
Klaus Pinkert (1995): Queues of Vehicles
Carsten Schulze: Heating System A heating system is controlled by the time of the day and by the temperature.
11 KB 60 KB 6,560 KB 217 KB YouTube
Carsten Schulze (1995): Heating System
Anja Seidel / Beate Rudolf: Potatoes Restaurant In Magdeburg's Kartoffelhaus arrive groups of guests in different distances. First they look for a free table and sit down. The waiter comes and asks for beverages. Later he brings them and asks for other orders...
64 KB 156 KB 11,897 KB 992 KB YouTube
Anja Seidel / Beate Rudolf (1993): Potatoes Restaurant
Maik Wartmann/ Heiko Grigoleit: Cargo railway station Rothensee Trains arrive on the railway station Rothensee. The wagons (cargo) have different destinations. They are moved to a distribution hill and roll to different places. There they are attached to new trains.
86 KB 819 KB
819 KB
913 KB
17,769 KB 348 KB
1,313 KB
966 KB
Maik Wartmann/ Heiko Grigoleit (1997): Cargo railway station Rothensee
Thomas Fliess/ KC Ritter: Central Railway Station Magdeburg Trains of different types arrive on Magdeburg's central railway station. Passengers get in and out. Around the station you can see the road traffic.
549 KB 114 KB 14,491 KB   YouTube
Thomas Fliess/ KC Ritter (1996): Central Railway Station Magdeburg
Thomas Kagerl/ Peter Lorenz: Universitaetsplatz Magdeburg Magdeburg's Universitätsplatz has a traffic circle for road traffic with 4 entries and exits. It is crossed by the tramway rails
32 KB 386 KB 5,833 KB 163 KB YouTube
Thomas Kagerl/ Peter Lorenz (1992): Universitaetsplatz Magdeburg
Doreen Bunke/ Kirsten Hoeft: Lorenzweg Magdeburg On the junction of Magdeburg's Lorenzweg and the Lübecker Straße arrive vehicles and pedestrians. What is the influence of traffic lights on the average waiting times?
10 KB 95 KB 7,284 KB 324 KB YouTube
Doreen Bunke/ Kirsten Hoeft (1994): Lorenzweg Magdeburg
Thomas Fliess/ KC Ritter: Damaschkeplatz Magdeburg Magdeburg's Damaschkeplatz is a very busy traffic node. Three lanes are merged to one. Can the congestion be reduced if the vehicles are allowed to use the tramway lane when it is free?
80 KB 1,373 KB 8,965 KB 212 KB
697 KB
486 KB
Thomas Fliess/ KC Ritter (1994): Damaschkeplatz Magdeburg
Thomas Kagerl/ Thomas Schulze: Magdeburg's Public Traffic System Magdeburg's public traffic is handled by buses and street cars. Passengers have to change. How long they have to wait? Do we have a good or a bad schedule for buses and street cars?
90 KB 216 KB 11,997 KB 274 KB
657 KB
157 KB
228 KB
Thomas Kagerl/ Thomas Schulze (1993): Magdeburg's Public Traffic System
Fritz Preuss/ Thomas Schulze: Traffic Intersection in Dresden Streams of pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles and street cars cross each other on a busy traffic intersection. Two types of traffic light control systems have to be compared.
75 KB 404 KB 9,176 KB 849 KB
697 KB
Fritz Preuss/ Thomas Schulze (1997): Traffic Intersection in Dresden
Thomas Schulze: Students' Cafeteria in Dresden Students have to wait in long lines. That happens in the rush hour in a big cafeteria. Can the waiting times be reduced by reorganizing the service processes?
138 KB 617 KB 16,554 KB 335 KB
174 KB
162 KB
Thomas Schulze (1994): Students' Cafeteria in Dresden
Ina Ehrhardt/ Heiko Dorwarth/ Bernd Holzki: Cast Iron Cleaning Cast iron cleaning is a heavy work. Can the physical burden of the workers be reduced by technical or logistical measures?
166 KB 98 KB 2,600 KB 336 KB YouTube
Ina Ehrhardt/ Heiko Dorwarth/ Bernd Holzki (1994): Cast Iron Cleaning
J. Sturgul, Th. Fliess, KC Ritter: Open Pit Gold Mine An open pit gold mine (Papua/New Guinea) has to be planned. Trucks transport the ore to an harbor. Model experiments with different harbor capacities support the planning decisions.
65 KB 312 KB 5,895 KB 1,007 KB
174 KB
247 KB
177 KB
J. Sturgul, Th. Fliess, KC Ritter (1997): Open Pit Gold Mine
J. Sturgul, Jörg Tiedemann: Open Pit Coal Mine The model presents a typical open pit coal mine. The coal has to be produced, transported, crushed, broken and stored. Finally it has to be loaded on a train.
32 KB 1,118 KB 4,537 KB 813 KB
220 KB
184 KB
184 KB
J. Sturgul, Jörg Tiedemann (1995): Open Pit Coal Mine
Peter Lorenz/ Jim Paynter/ Dave Sprott/ John Sturgul/ Mike Toppi: Gold Mine The tranporting processes can become a bottleneck in an underground gold mine.
380 KB 143 KB 42,022 KB 378 KB
378 KB
91 KB
288 KB
Peter Lorenz/ Jim Paynter/ Dave Sprott/ John Sturgul/ Mike Toppi (1999): Gold Mine
Maren Strümke: Maren's Shares Shares are falling on a Galton's Board and move with a predefined probability left ore right.
7 KB 14 KB 4,577 KB   YouTube
Maren Strümke (2000): Maren's Shares
Juri Tolujew: Juri's High Bay Store In a high bay store with some lanes service units are working
19 KB 133 KB 5,067 KB   YouTube
Juri Tolujew (2004): Juri's High Bay Store
Jochen Tabbert: Jochen's Barbershop In a barbershop work barbers for men and women. What are their utilization degrees
12 KB 47 KB 9,555 KB   YouTube
Jochen Tabbert (2004): Jochen's Barbershop
Stephan Wich: Stephans' Supermarket Customers arrive on a supermarket. They take a cart, buy and go to one of the cash desks
16 KB 4,477 KB 2,968 KB   YouTube
Stephan Wich (2004): Stephans' Supermarket
Alexander Bartholomäi: Alexander Bartholomäi's Post Office In a post office customers arrive. Trucks tranport parcels to a distribution center
13 KB 125 KB 2,026 KB   YouTube
Alexander Bartholomäi (2004): Alexander Bartholomäi's Post Office
Christian Scholz: Christian's Factory Items arrive in a workshop and are processed on two stations. Queues and utilization are calculated and displayed.
9 KB  4,088 KB   YouTube
Christian Scholz (2004): Christian's Factory
Chris Berking: Chris'Highway Construction Area In a construction area is only one lane available. The Traffic is controlled by traffic lights.
12 KB 120 KB 5,575 KB   YouTube
Chris Berking (2005): Chris'Highway Construction Area
Alexa Kernchen: Alexa's DeltaFlyer In a space ship strong vibrations occur
18 KB 26 KB 25,220 KB   YouTube
Alexa Kernchen (2007): Alexa's DeltaFlyer

B) 2D Animations 2008 - 2013

From 2008 the version P5 of Proof Animation is available. Using P5 bitmaps (JPG and png files) can be used for constructing the Layout and Classes. The following table contains links to .lay, .ptf and the used bitmaps which can be downloaded. avi and Youtube version are available, too.

Miroslaw Kostow: Highway A race car is moving on a highway and has to pass other vehicles.
9 KB 14 KB 5,553 KB  Highway.jpg
Miroslaw Kostow (2009): Highway
Norman Siemer: Soccer On a soccer place a game is running.
7 KB 37 KB 9,919 KB  bild.jpg
Norman Siemer (2009): Soccer
Sebastian Jude: Snake 'A snake seeks a random path on a playground until it bits itself in the tail.
6 KB 19 KB 765 KB  sand.png
Sebastian Jude (2011): Snake
Stephan Plaenitz: Bubblesort The Bubblesort algorithm is explained by moving pictures.
10 KB 13 KB 66,023 KB  Bubblesort.jpg
Stephan Plaenitz (2010): Bubblesort
Simon Struck: Sorting Parcels Parcels of different types arrive on a conveyor. On a sorting place they are distributed on different conveyors.
6 KB 9 KB 13,859 KB  Paketsortierung.png
Simon Struck (2010): Sorting Parcels
Lisa Wertig: Duck Pond On a duck pond live many animals. A duck family appears and goes in the pond
76 KB 764 KB 27,415 KB  Sunshine1.png
Lisa Wertig (2011): Duck Pond
Anna Schmeier: Zodiac Signs The change of zodiac signs during a year is presented.
9 KB 6 KB 14,541 KB  stars.png
Anna Schmeier (2011): Zodiac Signs
Anne Reich: Beach On a beach som people lie in the sun. A ship crosses the ocean.
37 KB 91 KB 13,609 KB  Beach.JPG
Anne Reich (2012): Beach
Stefanie Lehmann: Store Costomers arrive in a store and visit different departments.
23 KB 4 KB 7,155 KB  H2.jpg
Stefanie Lehmann (2012): Store
Tabea Menhorn: Theme Park In a theme park a roller coaster, a big wheel and a carousel are running.
9 KB 4 KB 32,826 KB  Freizeitpark.JPG
Tabea Menhorn (2012): Theme Park
Torsten Meier: Water Tap The water flows from a tap in a glass, When the glass is full then the water overflows.
16 KB 73 KB 10,214 KB  Wasserhahn.jpg
Torsten Meier (2012): Water Tap
David Perlich: Forrest Play Ground On a forrest playground play children on different devices.
19 KB 16 KB   Capture.JPG
David Perlich (2013): Forrest Play Ground
Robin Richter: Bees Bees leave the basked, look for flowers and take honey back.
13 KB 7 KB 48,504 KB  Bees.jpg
Robin Richter (2013): Bees
Matthias Timm: Fishing Fishs swimm an see a fishhook. One beets and is catched.
100 KB 17 KB   Fishing.jpg
Matthias Timm (2013): Fishing

C) 3D Animations 2009 - 2013

The course "Simulation and Animation" has been replaced from 2009 by "Simulation and 3D Animation". The course starts with an introduction to 2D animation with Proof5, continues with an introduction tp Proof3D and finishes with explaining an execising discrete event simulation (DES).

The following collection of examples contains assignments created or invented by the students themselves. The examples usually contain 3D-Models in the .x format and images as jpg or png which are not listed separately in the following table. They can be downloaded together with .lay, .atf, .ptf, .slx and .gps files as a packed file. Clicking on the image sometimes an avi or mp4 video appears.

Jana Schumann: Labyrinth This is a 3d-stone-labyrinth Jana created in 3ds Max. There are 9 mice (also created in 3ds Max) and 8 paths inside the labyrinth. At the two ends there are mousetraps (also created in 3ds Max). The mice are starting at different start points and running through the labyrinth to get the cheese or the red fruits (created in P3D). The last mouse gets in a mousetrap. I added one path to the mousetrap class. The red dot gets around the mousetrap to say "danger!". 7,555 KB YouTube
Jana Schumann (2009): Labyrinth
Alexander Grebhahn: Volcano Alexander onstructed an active volcano. The volcano ejects stones falling in the sea. 303 KB YouTube
Alexander Grebhahn (2009): Volcano
Nils Mueller: Hamster A Hamster is running ion a wheel. 1,784 KB YouTube
Nils Mueller (2010): Hamster
Simon Struck: WalkingMan A man is walking with realistic motion details. 44 KB YouTube
Simon Struck (2010): WalkingMan
Anna Schmeier: World Trip A small plane flies around the world and crosses some sightseeings like Hollywood and penuins in the Antarctic. 469 KB YouTube
Anna Schmeier (2011): World Trip
Dennis Kinzlin: Tollgate On a tollgate arrive vehicles, pay and go away. Queues may occur. 15,546 KB YouTube
Dennis Kinzlin (2011): Tollgate
Jenny Stephan: Solar System Planets are moving on their trails around the sun. 7,570 KB YouTube
Jenny Stephan (2011): Solar System
Mark Galazky: Bollerwagonbattle A selectable number of Bollerwagons is fighting for place by random motion on an area. 1,555 KB YouTube
Mark Galazky (2011): Bollerwagonbattle
Torsten Meier: Wind Park Torstens presentation contains a fligth through the park an shows results of operating the park with different types and mills and changing wind direction and speed. 20,623 KB YouTube
Torsten Meier (2012): Wind Park
Anneke Meyer: Harvest Harvesting machines gather crop and put it on trucks. The trucks move it to a store. 19,309 KB YouTube
Anneke Meyer (2012): Harvest
Tabea Menhorn: Rollercoaster You can see Tabea's rollercoaster first from a distance and the from a user's view. 9,100 KB YouTube
Tabea Menhorn (2012): Rollercoaster
Sebastian Jude: Railway A train is movin on a generated railway network and reacts on signals. 2,850 KB YouTube
Sebastian Jude (2012): Railway
Benjamin Behrendt: Fireworks Visitors come to a firework. Some of the go to a takeaway. 12,175 KB YouTube
Benjamin Behrendt (2012): Fireworks
Robert Tecklenburg: Streetcar The Streetcar traffic in Magdeburg is presented using detailed 3D models. 12,469 KB YouTube
Robert Tecklenburg (2013): Streetcar
Ulrike Uderhard: Safari A family flys to Africa and goes on a Safari. 84,996 KB YouTube
Ulrike Uderhard (2013): Safari
Julian Scholle: JSRollercoaster A rollercoaster is presented from different camera positions. 8,849 KB YouTube
Julian Scholle (2013): JSRollercoaster
Kenneth Allan: AlpineRailroad A Trains moves through mountains and crosses bridges and tunnels. 94,000 KB YouTube
Kenneth Allan (2013): AlpineRailroad
André Pieper: SpaceBattle Two space ships fight against each other. 13,749 KB YouTube
André Pieper (2013): SpaceBattle
André Petrov: OnTheRoad A car drives through a desert. 18,293 KB YouTube
André Petrov (2013): OnTheRoad
Stefan Wegener: Bowling Bowling is presented and explained. 10,745 KB YouTube
Stefan Wegener (2013): Bowling
Bastian Becker: Soccer Visitors stream in a stadion where a match begins. 6,286 KB YouTube
Bastian Becker (2013): Soccer
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