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2. Proof Animation™ under reconstruction

In chapter 1.3. we introduced Animation as synthetic or artificial visualization of dynamic systems. The following chapter we will give an introduction into the practically proven and widespread used software system Proof Animation™ for animation of simulated processes.

The current versions of this system are

Proof Animation™ was chosen because of its simplicity and outstanding performance: It allows to display and smoothly move simulataneously hundreds of objects. The animation runs with a selectable speed, proportional to real time. It can be used by any simulation system able to write data about the progress of simulated processes as text.

Why do we begin with the introduction of an animation system, before tools for simulation have been introduced and explained? There are three reasons

  1. Animation itself is a simple form of time step simulation.
  2. Animation is a good choice to get used to the world of simulation, because it allows a direct, visual monitoring of the models.
  3. It will be an advantage to have animation available, as soon as we begin introducing simulation based on the system GPSS/H in chapter 4.

P5 makes it easy to create and design true-to-scale pictures or Layouts of systems by importing pictures (e.g. maps) or CAD-files, drawing lines and arcs, adding texts, building object classes and saving it in Layout files (name.>LAY.

Animation trace files (name.ATF) are used to specify the creation and movement of Objects of the Classes. Proof Animation™ interprets any ATF-file. This means you can use any software (e.g. a texteditor, Basic, Pascal, C or almost any simulation system) to create these files.

Paths, Messages, Bars and Plots are other special object classes offered by Proof Animation™ that can be specified in the Layout file and modified by commands in the Trace file. They are suited to display values, the change of which during a simulation run is to be presented or monitored.

Proof Animation™ has its own Presentation system, that is easy to handle. Presentations can offer a menu for selecting different scenes.

The following chapter takes it for granted, that the reader has installed the student version of Proof Animation™. The current version of Student Proof can be downloaded free from Wolverine's Web page.

Subsequently we will mark all Proof-functions, that are offered in main- and submenus using bold print.

Content Overview

2.1. 2D-Animation with Proof 5

P5 is the fifth generation of a reliable, for many years established and approved animation system. It is based on vector graphics allowing a free scaling of displayed pictures. It can be used by any simulation system able to writing text files as animation traces for visualization of processes and results. P5 is running on Windows and uses DirectX.

2.2. 3D-Animation with Proof 3D

Proof 3d (P3D) is a relativels new §D-Animation system with wide compatiblity to P5. 3D-objects in the .x and dxf formats can be imported. Developiung 3D models is more expensive than 2D. But viewing a 3D world has a higher quality. Teh simulated world can be observed from fix views or from a moving or flying Camera.

2.3. Debugging

Animations with P5 or P3D may produce warnings and error messages. In the Debug mode the animation can be broken down in single steps and analyzed step by step.

2.4. Presentations

Completed animations can be assembled in Presentations. Presentation files are similar to scripts or screenplays. On the other hand they can offer Menus, from which the user can select. Presentations files can be written with any editor.

Magdeburg's Animation Gallery

The gallery presents a collection of animations made by students of the University of Magdeburg.

2. Proof Animation™
2.1.2D-Animation with Proof 5
2.2.3D-Animation with Proof 3D
2.5.Magdeburg's Animation Gallery
Global Outline
1.Introduction to Modeling, Simulation and Animation.
2.Proof Animation™.
3.GPSS/H as a Programming language.
4.GPSS/H Queueing Models.
5.GPSS/H Controling Concepts.
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