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2.1. 2D-Animation with Proof 5

The following sections give an introduction to the 2D animation system Proof 5. Proof 5 (P5) is the latest generation of a system first published in 1990 by Wolverine Software.

Content of 2.1. 2D-Animation with Proof 5

2.1.1. Lines, Arcs, Text and Pictures

The basic objects or primitives of Proof Animation™ will be introduced and explained using an example. The Draw-Mode of Proof Animation™ is used for designing interactively a Layout consisting of Lines, Arcs Text and Pictures. Please note relation between graphical and textual representations of the graphical primitives in a Layout.

2.1.2. Object Classes and Objects

The moving objects are instances of user defined object classes. They are designed in the Class-Mode and are components of the Layout file. After object classes have been defined, any number of objects of any class can be created, positioned, moved and destroyed.

2.1.3. Animation Time and Animation Commands

In the Run-Mode an Animation Time or Clock starts to run. It runs with a constant, but selectable speed. The Animation Trace file (ATF) contains animation commands, that are processed in Run-Mode. They are concerned with animation time, the objects, their state changes and motions.

2.1.4. Motion on Paths

Objects can move freely or on Paths. Paths are defined in the Path-Mode and saved in the Layout file. Paths can have several attributes. The motion of objects on Paths is controlled by animation trace commands. The object motion can be directional or undirectional

2.1.5. Messages, Bars and Plots

Messages, Bars and Plots can be seen as predefined object classes. Just like user defined object classes any number of Messages, Bars and Plots can be created and specified. This is done in the Draw-Mode. The updating of these objects is triggered by ATF-commands. Updating means the assignment of current values during the animation.

are used to display values during an animation run, that change over the course of time. The display is alphanumeric.
of changeable height and width are used for displaying changeable values by changing their size.
are diagrams, initially shown as coordinate system. During the animation they are filled with lines to visualize time series or other functions.

2.1.6. Views and Windows

In all Modes the View button is available. By calling it, the camera can be panned, you can zoom in and out, select predefined Views and subdivide the screen into Windows. A View can get a name, can be saved and called by this name.


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