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Simulation and 3D Animation Course Presentation

The course begins to explain the modelling method as one of the most important methods of scientific work. Based on commercial simulation systems (GPSS/H and SLX) and animation systems (Proof Animation SP5 und SP3D) the students will gain theoretical insight and practical experience. The main emphasis is on discrete event simulation and 3D animation. Please read more about the intention and the content of this course clicking here.

Thomas Fliess/ KC Ritter (1994):
Damaschkeplatz Magdeburg
Magdeburg's Damaschkeplatz is a very busy traffic node. Three lanes are merged to one.
Can the congestion be reduced if the vehicles are allowed
to use the tramway lane when it is free?
Steffen Masik (1999):
Amusement Park
The Amusement Park is an example of a queueing network.
Visitors come from different sources and select different service stations.
If all stations are busy the visitors leave the park using different exits.

Until 2008 the course has been presented 2D Animation. From 2009 the 3D animation becomes a central aspect of the course. A short introduction to Proof3D, the tool used during this course, is available here.


The content of the course is presentated almost completely in a Web based textbook. Students are recommended to read the Syllabus. It contains the conditions for getting an attestation or for preparing the examination.

Two Assignments have to be executed during the course. The assignments are almost invented by the students. A selection of best solutions from former years can be found in Magdeburg's Animation Gallery.

Selected Assignments from 2010
Christian Pfeiler: Wrecking BallSimeon Rehbein: Car Manufacturing
Nils Mueller: HamsterSimon Struck (2010): Walking Man
Martin Schemmer: Aircraft Assembly PlantLaura Osten: SuperM
Selected Assignments from 2011
Daniel Pohland: FireworksLisa Wertig: Ententeich
Anna Schmeier: WeltreiseDennis Kinzlin: Mautstelle
Selected Assignments from 2012
Anne Reich: Beach
Torsten Meier: Windpark
Sebastian Jude: Eisenbahn
Benjamin Behrendt: Feuerwerk
Tabea Menhorn: Achterbahn
Selected Assignments from 2013
Andrè Pieper: SpaceBattle
Bastian Becker: Soccer Stadium
Kenneth Allan: Alpine Train
Robert Teckenburg: Streetcar
Stefan Wegener: Bowling
Ulrike Uderhard: Safari
Vladimir Velinov: Flight Simulator

The planned and the real progress of the course will be documented in the following presentation

For participating on the course you must enroll using the following form.

Google Docs has been used for this form and for many other purposes. Participants of the course need a Google account.

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