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The course begins to explain the modelling method as one of the most important methods of scientific work. Based on a commercial simulation system (GPSS/H) and an animation system (Proof Animation) the students will gain theoretical insight and practical experience. The main emphasis is on discrete event simulation and animation. Please read more about the intention and the content of this course clicking here.

Steffen Masik (1999): Proof-Animation of anAmusement Park
The Amusement Park is an example of a queueing network. Visitors come from different sources and select different service stations. If all stations are busy the visitors leave the park using different exits.
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The content of the course is presentated almost completely in a Web based textbook. Students are recommended to read the Syllabus. It contains the conditions for getting an attestation or for preparing the examination.


Please get more information about the time and location of the course here! For participating on the course you must subscribe. Please visit the Communication Center.

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