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EMSIG - Level 1

Connector of Simulation Results with Ergonomic Data

The connector is the part that brings the EMSIG system and the simulator together. Hereby the connector uses the trace file that has to be supplied by the simulator and the ergonomic data that are provided by the constructor of the working cycles. Within the trace file the working process is described. It includes one data set for each working operation consisting of the event time, the location of the working operation, the kind of event (start/end), the number of worker and the number of part. For each worker a protocol file is created by the connector. Each protocol file has one standard set and a varying number of further sets. The standard set contains data characteristing one specific worker. These data items are, for example, number, name, age and fitness of each worker. All following sets describe working operations (one set per working operation) and include twelve data items. These data are event time, building block number, working operation index, duration, stress factor, work load, working pulse, evaluated strain, temperature, noise and vibration.

Data Structure of the Connector of Simulation results with Ergonomic Data.

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