Standard Interface for Orientation and Navigation Systems for Disabled Persons

June 1995

The MoBIC project is particularly concerned with electronic orientation and navigation systems for visually disabled persons. The MoBIC consortium considers it highly desirable that the systems for disabled people are compatible with the products for non-disabled consumers.

This document is written to offer an interface between the MoBIC system and additional external devices e.g. additional sensors. Its aim is also to start a discussion to begin a standardisation process for interfaces for electronic orientation and naviagtion aids for disabled people.

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Table of Contents:

1 The MoBIC project

2 Recommendations for a Standard Interface

2.1 Interfacing Model

2.2 Description of Layers

2.3 Identification of Interfaces

2.4 The Software-Interface (MoSI)

2.5 OSI Level 5 (device driver responsibilities)

2.6 OSI Level 6 (used protocols)

2.7 OSI Level 7 (application responsibilities)

2.8 Electrical Realisation of Interfaces

2.9 Application Communications Description
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