ESM 2004, 18th European Simulation Multiconference
June 13th-16th, 2004
Magdeburg, Germany

Conference Schedule

The schedule of sessions is given below. All wishes concerning presentation slots have been taken into account.

Monday 14.6.04 11:00 - 12:30 ASMTA - S1 POS - S1 HPC - S1 ABS - S1
13:30 - 15:00 ASMTA - S2 CSM - S1 HPC - S2 ABS - S2
15:30 - 17:00 ASMTA - S3 CSM - S2 SIS - S1 CMSSE - S1
Tuesday 15.6.04 9:00 - 10:30 ASMTA - S4 Reserve HPC - S3
11:00 - 13:00 ASMTA - S5 CSM - S3 HPC - S5 STPOR - S1
14:00 - 16:00 ASMTA - S6 CMSSE - S2 SIS - S2 STPOR - S2
Wednesday 16.6.04 9:00 - 10:30 ASMTA - S9 HPC - S4
11:00 - 13:00 ASMTA - S8 SVE - S1

Assignments of Papers to Sessions

Updates: ASMTA-S7 is deleted, ASMTA-S9 will take its time time slot on Wed 9:00 - 10:30

Session # Paper # Authors Title
ABS-S1 Session Chair: Eugene Kerckhoffs
ESM-41 M. Remondino Multi agent based simulation for database security: A framework
ESM-32 O.Oberschelp et al Distributed optimization with Multi-Agent Systems
ESM-37 T. Galinho, F. Serin Semantic features and factual agents: A model to represent changeable situations
ABS-S2 Session Chair: Eugene Kerckhoffs
ESM-40 A. Hamel et al An instrumentalized participatory and cooperative approach to deal with social MABS building issues
ESM-55 B. Schmidt , B. Schneider Agent-based modelling of human acting, deciding and behaviour - the reference model PECS
ESM-60 N. Davies et al Virtual crime scene reconstruction with integrated animated characters
ASMTA-S1 Session Chair: Gunter Bolch
ASMTA-3 P.P. Bocharov et al Tandom queues with a Markov flow and blocking
ASMTA-15 C. D’Apice, A. Pechinkin MAPK/GK/1 queue with the generalized foreground-background processor sharing discipline
ASMTA-19 C. S. Kim et al The BMAP/G/1 à •/PH/1/M - 1 queue with losses and restricted blocking
ASMTA-S2 Session Chair: Khalid Al-Begain
ASMTA-14 E. C. Kao et al A dynamic random channel reservation for MAC protocols in multimedia networks
ASMTA-26 A. Dalal'ah, S. Mgheed A dynamic reconstructing Hypercube-Connected tree in multicast ad hoc networks
ASMTA-32 C. Isensee, G. Horton Proxel-based simulation of project schedules
ASMTA-S3 Session Chair: Alexander Dudin
ASMTA-5 B. Martin Combinatorial aspects of yield management, a reinforcement learning approach
ASMTA-7 A. Rodrigo Queueing theory in labour market 
ASMTA-17 Ch. Roser et al Holistic analysis of manufacturing systems: conclusions from understanding the interactions
ASMTA-S4 Session Chair: Krzysztof Pawlikowski
ASMTA-4 O. V. Semenova, C. S. Kim Stable algorithm for stationary distribution calculation for a BMAP/SM/1 queue with map-input of disasters and non-instantaneous recovery
ASMTA-28 A. N. Dudin et al Complete analysis of a queue in the BMAPjGj1jN system
ASMTA-37 V. I. Klimenok et al The BMAP/PH/N/N + R retrial queuing system with different disciplines of retrials
ASMTA-S5 Session Chair: Pavel Bocharov
ASMTA-9 J. A. Hernandez-Gutierrez, I. W. Phillips End-to-end Internet performance characterisation using Weibull distributions
ASMTA-38 G. Hasslinger et al Modeling and analysis of switching systems in multi service networks with QOS support
ASMTA-43 I. Awan, K. Al-Begain An analytical study of quality of service provisioning for multi-service mobile IP networks using adaptive buffer management
ASMTA-40 L. Essafi, G. Bolch Time dependent priorities in call centers
ASMTA-S6 Session Chair: Valintina Klimenok
ASMTA-27 A. N. Dudin et al Software "SIRIUS-C" for synthesis of optimal control by queues
ASMTA-29 H. Dutt Sharma, B. Madhukarao Simulated electrical network approach (SENA) to hard optimization problems
ASMTA-34 M. Abdollahi Azgomi, A. Movaghar A modelling tool for hierarchical stochastic activity networks
ASMTA-41 P. Bazan et al WinPEPSY-QNS – Performance evaluation and prediction system for queueing networks
ASMTA-S8 Session Chair: Khalid Al-Begain
ASMTA-12 A. Heindl Inverse characterization of hyperexponential MAP(2)s
ASMTA-16 A. da Silva Soares, G. Latouche A matrix-analytic approach to feedback fluid queues
ASMTA-25 J. Freiheit, J. Billington Closed-form token distribution computation of GSPNs without synchronisation
ASMTA-36 T. H. Ahmed, B. Mueller-Clostermann Modelling and simulation of a routing protocol for ad hoc networks combining queuing network analysis and ant colony algorithms
ASMTA-S9 Session Chair: David Al-Dabass
ASMTA-18 Ch. Roser et al Monitoring Bottlenecks in dynamic discrete event systems
ASMTA-33 M. Scheidegger et al Simulating large-scale networks with analytical models
ASMTA-42 S. Lazarova-Molnar, G. Horton Proxel-based simulation of a warranty model
CSM-S1 Session Chair: Krzysztof Amborski
ESM-14 M. Cebulla Modeling concepts for reasoning about sociotechnical systems
ESM-15 A. Kejriwal et al User class based QoS differentiation in 802.11e WLAN
ESM-35 A. G. Bruzzone et al Parameter tuning in modelling human behaviours by using optimization techniques
CSM-S2 Session Chair: Edward Williams
ESM-17 C. Martin et al Interactive simulation of object-oriented hybrid models, by combined use of EJS, MATLAB/SIMULINK and MODELICA/DYMOLA
ESM-06 A. Sameh, R. El-Kharboutly Modeling Jini-UPnP bridge using rapide ADL 
ESM-21 M. Marzolla libcppsim: A Simula-like, Portable Process-Oriented Simulation Library in C++
ESM-20 G. Reißig A new method for ordering sparse matrices and its performance in circuit simulation
CSM-S3 Session Chair: Edward Szczerbicki
ESM-04 E. Szczerbicki Knowledge capture to support information flow management in complex systems
ESM-05 E. J. Williams et al Simulation in support of robotically automated vehicle seat testing
ESM-11 K. Udono, R. Sitte Modeling seawater desalination using waste incineration energy - fundamental model
ESM-12 C. Wattanapanich, P. Tandayya Distributed simulation of an emergency system for the flood disaster in Hat Yai, Thailand
HPC-S1 Session Chair: Ratan K. Guha
HPC-012 C. Bischof et al Algorithmic differentiation of different algorithms for the same problem: A case study
HPC-S2 Session Chair: Helen Karatza
HPC-002 C. Skianis et al Simulation study of a signalling protocol efficiency in a composite radio environment
HPC-007 R. K. Guha, O. Kachirski An architecture for distributed simulation of wireless networks
HPC-010 A. M. Al-Banna, S. R. Al-Araji Rate adjustment modes for resilient packet ring networks
HPC-S3 Session Chair: Saleh Al-Araji
HPC-008 J. Lemeire et al Lookahead accumulation in conservative parallel discrete event simulation
HPC-011 M. Meixner, A. Buchmann HADES – A highly available distributed main-memory reliable storage
HPC-019 H. D. Karatza Epoch task scheduling in distributed server systems
HPC-S4 Session Chair: Gabriel Wainer
HPC-004 R. Siow Mong Goh et al A new form of efficient tree-based priority queues for discrete event simulation
HPC-014 D. Messie, J. C. Oh SWARM simulation of multi-agent fault mitigation in large-scale, real-time embedded systems
ESM-07 J. Liu, H. Li The implementation of CGF-oriented helicopter dynamic model
HPC-S5 Session Chair: Charalabos Skianis
HPC-013 G. Kock The connect framework: A simulation tool for networks of communicating objects
HPC-015 A. Barbu, F. Mourlin From Pi-calculus specification to simulation of a mobile agent using Jini
HPC-017 G. Wainer Performance analysis of continuous Cell-DEVS models
HPC-018 P. Lallo Modeling and simulations of biomedical data networks
POS-S1 Session Chair: Günter Küppers
ESM-43 K. G. Troitzsch Validating simulation models 
ESM-44 G. Küppers, J. Lenhard The controversial status of simulations 
ESM-58 M. Hauhs, H. Lange  The modeling approach in ecosystem research and management 
SIS-S1 Session Chair: Lars Nolle
ESM-56 T. El Mihoub et al Performance of hybrid genetic algorithms incorporating local search 
ESM-08 H. Donelan et al The analysis of network managers' behaviour using a self-organising neural network
ESM-48 L. Nolle On the effect of step width selection schemes on the performance of stochastic local search strategies
ESM-45 S. W. Lee, D. Palmer-Brown Continuous reinforced snap-drift learning in a neural architecture for proxylet selection in active computer networks
SIS-S2 Session Chair: Lars Nolle
ESM-47 I. Zelinka et al Boolean symmetry function synthesis by means of arbitrary evolutionary algorithms - comparative study
ESM-13 K. Prince et al A computational model of acute pain
ESM-27 J. Tolujew, F. Alcala A mesoscopic approach to modeling and simulation of pedestrian traffic flows
ESM-36 K.W. Choy et al Implementation of a tileword testbed on a distributed blackboard system
STPOR-S1 Session Chair: Alessandra Orsoni
ESM-52 G. Merkuryeva, N. Shires SIM-SERV Case study: Simulation-based production scheduling and capacity optimisation
ESM-28 A. Büsgen et al Simulation of three-dimensional technical textiles
ESM-34 A. Kumar, L. Ozdamar Business process reengineering at the hospitals: A case study at Singapore Hospital
STPOR-S2 Session Chair: Alessandra Orsoni
ESM-24 W. Kuehn Simulation based job shop production analyser
ESM-59 A. Orsoni Improving the remote scheduling performance of manufacuring and installation of large custom-made products
ESM-30 M. Si Mohammed Modelling and simulation of magnetic control and its application on ALSAT-1 first Algerian microsatellite
ESM-33 Y. Merkuryev, J. Petuhova Simulation-based statistical analysis of the bullwhip effect in supply chains
SVE-S1 Session Chair: Graham Horton
ESM-09 R. Thirumalainambi, J. Bardina Debris dispersion model using Java3D
ESM-10 J. Bardina, R. Thirumalainambi Modeling and simulation of shuttle launch and range operations
ESM-18 S. Biermann et al Supporting multi-level models in systems biology by visual methods
ESM-19 E. Qeli et al 3D visualization and animation of metabolic networks
CMSSE-S1 Session Chair: Dietmar P.F. Möller
ESM-68 Moeller Soft Computing Analysis as Part of Micro Array Data Analysis
ESM-63 Bolte et al. Simulation of Micromagnetic Phenomena
ESM-62 Zemke et al. Evaluation of Methods for the Process Modeling
ESM-66 Moeller et al. Fundamentals and Case Studies for a Modeling and Simulation
CMSSE-S2 Session Chair: Dietmar P.F. Möller
ESM-64 Koch et al Fuzzy modelling of mobile autonomous soccer playing robots
ESM-65 Oelkers et al. Field Patterns for the RoboCup Junior League
ESM-67 Möller Virtual Reality Framework for Surface Reconstruction
ESM-61 Koerber et al. Leachable Geometry