Publication overview

Mass-Dependent Integral Curves in Unsteady Vector Fields
T. Günther, A. Kuhn, B. Kutz and H. Theisel
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EuroVis), 2013

author = {T. G{\"u}nther and A. Kuhn and B. Kutz and H. Theisel},
title = {Mass-Dependent Integral Curves in Unsteady Vector Fields},
journal = {Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EuroVis 2013)},
year = {2013},
pages = {211--220},
volume= {32},
number= {3},

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Research Seminar Announcement

The Visual Computing research seminar with Prof. Dr. Jörn Kohlhammer from Fraunhofer IGD and TU Darmstadt on Friday, 19.01. had to be cancelled due to the storm. The talk will be moved to the summer term instead.

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