Publications of 2014

Adaptive and Robust Curve Smoothing on Surface Meshes
K. Lawonn, R. Gasteiger, C. Rössl and B. Preim
Computers and Graphics, 2014

author = {K. Lawonn and R. Gasteiger and C. R{\"o}ssl and B. Preim},
title = {Adaptive and Robust Curve Smoothing on Surface Meshes},
journal = {Computers and Graphics},
year = {2014},
volume = {40},
pages = {22--35},

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Research Seminar Announcement

In the course of the Visual Computing research seminar Prof. Dr. Fabian Beck from Universit├Ąt Duisburg-Essen will give a talk with a subsequent discussion about the topic The State of the Art in Visualizing Dynamic Graphs.

We would like to invite everyone interested to join us. The research seminar will take place on Friday 14.12.2018, 13:15 in G29-R335.

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