Oral Exam

26th/27th of July


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Date Information
03-07-2017 Uploaded solution for Exercise 9.
28-06-2017 Uploaded new slides Feature Based Methods and solution for Exercise 8.
21-06-2017 Uploaded new slides Topological Methods 1+2.
19-06-2017 Uploaded sheet for Exercise 8 and solution for second programming task.
15-06-2017 Uploaded updated version of slides FTLE with corrected symbols.
15-06-2017 Uploaded Framework for second practical Task WITH RK4 integrator.
14-06-2017 Uploaded new slides FTLE.
08-06-2017 Uploaded new slides Image Based Methods.
30-05-2017 Uploaded Solution for Exercise 5 sheets for Exercise 6,
Exercise 7 and a Framework for second practical Task (include your RK4 integrator in vectorfield.hpp from Task 1 manually!).
19-05-2017 Uploaded sheet for Exercise 5,
Solution for Exercise 3 and Framework for practical Task.
17-05-2017 Uploaded new slides Geometry Based Methods 1.
12-05-2017 Uploaded sheet for Exercise 4 and Solution for Exercise 2.
10-05-2017 Uploaded new slides Elementary Methods
05-05-2017 Uploaded sheet for Exercise 3.
25-04-2017 There will be no exercise on Monday 1st of May.
Updated versions of exercise sheets,
Exercise 1: Task 4 – changed 'case 3' to 'case 1',
Exercise 2: changed date for the exercise to 08.05.2017,
Task 2 – changed point type according to color. Red is source blue is sink.
18-04-2017 There will be no lecture on Wednesday 26th of April.
Flow Visualization (FlowVis)
Flow data appears in a variety of applications such as Simulation and computation of flow around cars, planes and ships, atmospheric flow for weather forecast, studying flow in bottling / filling devices and Dynamical systems.

There are different aims such as perceiving and understanding physical phenomena, modeling of flow processes, optimization in technical design and search for potential damage reasons.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Theisel, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Wilde
Lecture: Wednesday, 11:00 - 13:00, G29-335

Tutorial: Monday, 09:00 - 11:00, G29-335
WPF IF, M 1 - 2
WPF WIF, M 1 - 2
WPF CV, M 1 - 2
WPF DKEM, M 1 - 3
WPF IF, M 1 - 2
WPF INGIF, M 1 - 2
WPF CV, M 1 - 2
WPF WIF, M 1 - 2
WPF DigiEngi, M 1 - 3
WPF DKEM, M 1 - 3
WPF INGIF, M 1 - 2
Oral exam
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