Perception-based Evaluation of Illustrative Techniques & Medical Visualizations

Part I: Evaluation of illustrative techniques in a medical context

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Many illustrative techniques for visualizing medical volume data and derived segmentation information have been developed and refined. However, it is difficult to decide which techniques should be used for particular applications and how they should be combined. This project covers different controlled evaluations of illustrative visualization techniques applied to a medical context e.g. neck visualizations or cerebral aneurysms with embedded flow visualization. Therapeutic questions are used to evaluation techniques quantitatively and qualitatively e.g. lymphnode or blood flow assessment. In detail, we analyze the techniques ability to facilitate and support anatomy and pathological characteristics. The techniques are evaluated with respect to the participants accuracy, response time and their personal preferences according to the individual study. We generated the stimuli using 3D models of clinical datasets.

Part II: Perception-based evaluation of input and output devices

Besides the evaluation of illustrative techniques and parameter combinations, we investigate input and output devices e.g. autostereoscopic display, space pilot or haptic devices. Several projects compare 2D and autostereoscopic displays and analyze the perceptual benefit for medical visualizations. Participants have to answer therapeutic questions e.g. implant positioning or blood flow characterization (e.g. simple and complex vortex structures).

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