Home Training for the Treatment of Cognitive Disorders

The cost pressure on rehabilitation hospitals results in stroke patients being released from hospital after 3-4 weeks and having further therapy with occupational therapists and neuropsychologists in private practice. However, under current conditions, the treatment intensity that is necessary for an efficient follow-up therapy is not further ensured after rehabilitation hospital discharge. To achieve therapeutic effects, the initiated therapy must be continued by intensive and preferably daily training.

This research project aims at the development of a system for the therapy of cognitive disorders for patients after stroke in home training. For this purpose, user interfaces with new interaction and visualization techniques shall be developed. Furthermore, studies shall validate whether reward and motivation techniques from computer games can be transferred to the new therapy software. For example, one element of the motivation and reward strategy is the suitable illustration of patient’s performance data.


Name Sebastian Wagner
Address Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg,
Fakultät für Informatik,
Institut für Simulation und Grafik,
Universitätsplatz 2,
39016 Magdeburg
Phone (+49 391) 67-5 14 41
Fax (+49 391) 67-1 11 64


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