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 ====== Recent News ======  ====== Recent News ====== 
 +**25/09/2018** **VCBM/MICCAI 2018**<html><br></html>\\
 +The Vis. group was present at VCBM/MICCAI in Granada with active participation in tutorials, four talks and a poster at VCBM. Gabriel Mistelbauer received the "Best Short Paper Award" for the paper
 +"Visual Assessment of Vascular Torsion using Ellipse Fitting", a cooperation with Fraunhofer IFF Magdeburg. Monique Meuschke received the "Best Poster Award" for a creative poster summarizing her Phd work.
 +The papers are online at our publication page.
 +Bernhard Preim was part of a well-attended MICCAI tutorial "Blending Visualization with Data Mining and Machine Learning for Biomedical Data Analysis".<html><br><br></html>
 ****11/07/2018** "Two positions for Virtual Reality in Surgical Training"**  ****11/07/2018** "Two positions for Virtual Reality in Surgical Training"**