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 ====== Recent News ====== ====== Recent News ======
 +**10/01/2020: Interesting guests at the ISG**\\
 +{{:start:20200110_093555.jpg?direct&208 |}}{{:start:20200110_095100.jpg?direct&208 |}}{{:start:20200110_132549.jpg?direct&208 |}}
 +Ron Kikinis, Fraunhofer MEVIS/SPL Boston visited us and gave feedback to our VR applications. Jeffrey Heer, University of Washington presented at the Visual Computing colloquium and looked in our bloodflow-related research. Jeffs' talks was probably the talk with the largest audience in the Visual Computing colloquium series. 
 **26/11/2019: **\\ **26/11/2019: **\\