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 ====== Recent News ====== ====== Recent News ======
 +Sylvia Saalfeld successfully defended her Habilitation (post-doctoral lecture qualification) with a talk on Computer support for intracranial aneurysms - summarizing her extensive research on many aspects of that 
 +topic. Heinz Handels joined us via a video conference as external reviewer. With enough space between us, approximately 30 participants were possible.
 +{{:start:sylvia_habil_1.jpg?210 |}}{{:start:sylvia_habil_2.jpg?210 |}}{{:start:sylvia_habil_3.jpg?210 |}}
 +**25/05/2020: EuroVis, Norrköping**\\
 +We are happy that Monique's Phd thesis was selected for the EuroVis Phd Award. Kai was chosen as winner of the EuroVis Young Researcher Award for his overall contributions to visualization in general and EuroVis in particular.
 +{{:start:monique_phd_award.png?200 |}}{{:start:kailawonn_youngresearcher.png?200 |}}
 +{{:start:nico_defense_2.jpg?180 |}}{{:start:nico_defense_1.jpg?180 |}}
 +Nico Merten successfully defended his defense „Maps, Risk and Visualization Supported Reports for Multimodal Medical Image Data“. Prof. Th. Deserno and Prof. Heinrich Müller served as external reviewers and joined the defense via a video conference. 
 **30/03/2020: BVM Award**\\ **30/03/2020: BVM Award**\\