2004-12-20 - 2004/12/20

i am already in my christmas holidays sleeping through half the day and awake through half the night. yesterday fell some wonderful snow that left me shuffling through the snow and sliding on the ice like a little kid. very funny.
as for the rest of last week: on wednesday i watched the incredibles in the cinema. it was very funny with lots of jokes you only got if you understood the pointer. on thursday markus and i had an amazing pool-session with lots of long breaks. and on friday there was a nice party in an old cinema. wonderful and stylish.

2004-12-15 - 2004/12/15

been tired all week.
didn't do much.
the weather is depressing.
it's boring.

2004-12-12 - 2004/12/12

i did a new highest break record on our snooker-session on thursday with a whooping eleven points! ha! it was great fun though i lost the match in the end.
on friday i took photos of fog. which reminds me that i wanted to put up some new photos here. damn!
i also finally started re-reading "american gods". i was startled to see that it's already three years old. time flies!
an finally: next week will be utterly car-less since i'll leave my car with my parents who need it more than i do. and i really hope my ma will be well soon again.

2004-12-09 - 2004/12/09

watched "die fetten jahre sind vorbei" in the cinema yesterday. it was a really great movie with many small truths and it was funny, too.
and after numerous problems i finally got half-life 2 running. so far i can just say that it looks really great. i hope it'll be as much fun as the first game. as of now i love hl2 but i really really hate steam. steam sucks! bigtime!
tonight i´m gonna play snooker again. billard on tuesday went really well for me so i hope today be at least a little better than last time (like, 3 balls in a row, for instance).

2004-12-07 - 2004/12/07

i'm back at work. a good word to describe my current condition would be "tired" since i got the usual holiday-jetlag: the result of mixing "going to sleep late and getting up late" (holidays) and "going to sleep early and getting up early" (workdays) is of course "going to sleep late and getting up early" (now) which is really no good combination.
and i cleaned my flat yesterday. exciting!

2004-12-02 - 2004/12/02

took this week off to be more or less just lazy all the time. that is cool. i get up late (at least compared to job-days), read a lot, play a lot. that is cool, too.
yesterday i was in leipzig with my parents just for a change. the city was really really crowded and we spend all day just wandering around.
and of course i have to mention the cool things that arrived: most important by far is the season 5 box of babylon 5 that completes the show. furthermore the last marianne faithfull cd with a lot of songs by the most amazing pj harvey and nick cave. and last (and unfortunatly least) the new discworld calendar which was really a bit disappointing compared to the old ones i own. luckily i got it very cheap so i´m not too mad about that.
i'm also currently reading the new discworld novel "going postal" which is a bit disappointing, too. it's funny and has its cool moments but the story is a bit too silly for my taste.
i also decided to read "american gods" again somewhere around christmas ´cause it´s a winter-story and since it's pretty cold outside currently that seems to be a good idea (in a weird way) and it's one of my favourite books which is probably even more important. also it´d be a good "introduction" for "the monarch of the glen" which is still waiting on my table (is it actually allowed to call a 600+ pages book "introduction? prob´ly not.)
i guess i better finish my nite-time babble for now (it's nearly 3am. cool!) and try to sleep. too much damn tea!!

2004-11-24 - 2004/11/24

due to some technical difficulties the last few posts were not visible when posted. but now we all here at rahv-online.net are happy to announce that everything is fixed and the news are visible again.
have a nice day.

2004-11-23 - 2004/11/23

mixed tape 04 has gone online today.

2004-11-22 - 2004/11/22

i was in the cinema today to watch "sky captain and the world of tomorrow" which turned out to be one of the most amazing movies i´ve ever seen. the whole style was just breathtaking and the story, while simple, was pretty funny, too. afterwards (i.e. 11pm) we decided that because of the strong wind it'd be a good idea to let a kite fly. so we did. it was enormously funny!
and my tax report arrived. they decided to give me some money back so this is at least from the financial point of view a good month. from the working point of view it is at least not such a good week especially since i have to prepare a talk for thursday.

2004-11-18 - 2004/11/18

today fell the first snow of this winter. i'd feel happier about it if i had the appropriate tires on my car.
since i was a bit lazy during the last days i still have to mention that i was in leipzig again last weekend (probably for the last time this year) where we spent our time playing rpgs.
and tonight i was at a concert of a goth-pop-chanson-thingie called "schneewitchen" which had a lot of potential but the truly outstanding songs were rare.

2004-11-07 - 2004/11/07

this weekend lots of cool things arrived, among them my first own billard cue! that's so cool.
i also finally got the 3rd season of futurama on dvd as well as a new book: the softcover of the legends II anthology featuring the awesome "the monarch of the glen" by neil gaiman and a shortstory by tad williams set in the world of "otherland".
i also brought a tripod to do some cool things with my camera but forgot the usb cable to do the finetuning. so i'll have to stick to the basic camera functions which are not too many. on top of that the weather was really bad, it was raining most of the day so i couldn't even go outside and do some field work. instead i just did a little vid (2.3meg) of the sky.

2004-11-05 - 2004/11/05

my dvd-drive (which was broken a few weeks ago) is finally exchanged. i dunno what took them so long but fortunatly by now everything is working again.

there is a nice short story by susanna clarke, writer of the fabulous "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" available here.
and the most astonishing news: i re-installed tfc to play again with nva in a so-called oldiecup. unfortunatly i already missed the first match for which i truly apologize to matti. but now that everything is working again we´ll kick butt!

2004-11-02 - 2004/11/02

it's 1:30 a.m.
i was visiting markus today and i drank way to much cola. now i can't sleep.
this is so annoying.

i did a nice big print-out of the cover of the latest múm-album today (you can find this and lots of cool stuff at the fat-cat press archive) and put it on my door. now it looks as if the door has a hole in it with a dark gloomy landscape behind. cool!

i'm so sick.

2004-10-31 - 2004/10/31

it seems i was a wee bit lazy again. on the other hand there's not even much to write here. i didn't do much besides the usual things like reading and playing pool etc.
the weather was pretty cool and rainy during the last days so i guess it's save to say that it's autumn by now. i took some photos of coloured leaves and foggy landscapes.
and i was a little sentimental again so i started playing old games. this weekends game was "the curse of monkey island" which is not that old all things considered. but now i'm in the mood and plan to play the old lucasfilm games again for the hundreth time or so if the graphics don't scare me too much.

2004-10-20 - 2004/10/20

i'm just back from an astonishing concert by the trio tuomi, a pretty new jazz/new age (i really hate the term "new age" but it's justified here) band from germany/portugal. especially the pianist really mistreated his instrument from time to time, using it as a zither or even as drums. songs were often based on poems by poe or shakespeare and i really enjoyed the evening.
apart from that nothing much happened since there was the usual uneventful weekend followed by the start of the usual uneventful week. well ... i got i new cushion last weekend. and it's really soft and fluffy. erm ... bye.

2004-10-15 - 2004/10/15

relaxed a little during the last days. went to leipzig on monday with matti where we checked out all the cool locations (well ... it wasn't really that stylish or exciting as it sound but it was nice anyway). it is remarkable how sentimental you can get when you after two years just eat at the same cafeteria you ate for a few years day after day. and i'm usually no the guy to gets sentimental over some food.
went to the cinema on wednesday and watched "the girl with the pearl earring" starring the tremendously gorgeous scarlett johanson. and best of all: i played snooker for the first time in my life yesterday. we played just three frames and it took us a little over three hours but it was pretty funny and we'll certainly do it again. unfortunatly highest break record went to markus who potted a whooping nine points :)

2004-10-10 - 2004/10/10

a few hours ago i avoided just barely a really really bad car crash. i could steer wide enough to the right to avoid a car coming at me but the car right behind me was hit at nearly full speed. the result was horrible and i was really shaken. still am.
what a night.
take care.

2004-10-04 - 2004/10/04

the weekend was not nearly as boring as expected which was by and large due to the fact that i watched the grand prix in preston for hours and hours.
and on sunday i did a long biking tour exploring ways i didn't go before and going along the river.

2004-10-02 - 2004/10/02

home alone!
well, actually that woundn't be anything worth mentioning but the thing is that i'm all alone at my parent's, playing housesitter. last week was pretty boring and i didn't do much of anything and it looks like the weekends gonna be the same.
today arrived terry pratchetts new discworld-novel 'going postal' but it's gonna have to wait along with bill brysons 'a short history of nearly everything' till i'm finished with ms. clarkes book. which i like a lot by the way. i should probably take a few days off to read all those cool books but since that's not gonna happen it'll take a little longer to finish them all.
and: snooker season starts this weekend!!

but now for something completely different: for everybody (i believe) time's running faster and faster the older you get. while a week seems to be eternity when you're, like, six it's next to nothing when you're 26. it just feels so much shorter. now sebastian told me today of a calculation that the 'felt' middle of an average life ist at about 18 years of age which is a really really scary thought in my opinion.

2004-09-26 - 2004/09/26

i'm back from leipzig where we had for the last time a safe place to sleep. from now on it's going to be a bit tricky to meet and we'll have to check out possibilities. we did the usual things like playing some rpg, going out in the evening and checking out downtown leipzig where some historical market took place.
and i got some really cool things right before the weekend: the phenomenal 'dusk log' ep by múm, wonderfully haunting music that i like way better than the last album (though that was good, too). and i got susanna clarkes first novel 'jonathan strange & mr. norrell' which is now the biggest book i own. it's just about 800 pages but with the thick paper it beats any other book i have. go to the page for some bonus material (including a nice short story by ms. clarke).

2004-09-23 - 2004/09/23

changed my office today. now i'm sitting in a room only half as big as the old one but much quieter and much more homey.
apart from that nothing much happened during the last days. i went to the cinema to see "the village" which was pretty good. i took more photos. i did some other stuff.
to put it with deliriums words: "Uh. Yesterday I did some really bad stuff. I mean real bad. You know. But today I did some good things. I don't know. You know."

2004-09-18 - 2004/09/18

i spent a really nice week at the workshop. the location was a very small village near a lake where the really brave guys went swimming every day while i just tipped my feet in the water on warm days. my job was really easy and while it didn't work so well on the first day, everything was just fine on the second.
i did lots of sport (which i normally tend to reduce to a minimum) just for the fun of it and we played volleyball and tabletennis for hours and did long walks on experimental routes around the lake. in the night i watched stars that were brighter than any stars i remember for there were no lights for miles to brighten up the skies.
i'd loved to stay longer and after the long way home on friday i was really cranky and tired and went to bed quite early. today was much better and we went mushrooming in the wood and i finally got familiar with my new camera though i can't really check the pics ´cause i forgot the usb-cable. while i was away some cool books arrived and i finally got my "muxmäuschenstill"-tee-shirt.

2004-09-10 - 2004/09/10

various things did happen in the last few days. the most significant is that i finally got a digital camera. i decided to buy a canon powershot g5 and i will hopefully put it to good use in the days to come.
yesterday i was at a reading of the band knorkator in the feuerwache. in the first half of the evening they presented their new book "am anfang war das am" and the whole thing was very funny. sometimes philosophical, sometimes just plain stupid but always very different from any decent literature reading. second half was even better when they performed some of their songs just with acoustic guitar in a very jazzy style. the whole thing was pretty long and when we left just short of midnite we really had an evening well spent.
i also ordered for the first time hardcopies of some of my digital pictures. they did also arrive yesterday but i haven't seen them yet. i bet they're good.
and finally i'm gonna go to leipzig today to spend a weekend of uncertain activities there. uncertain meaning that only a few people are there and we´re definitly doing something ... we just don't know for sure what.
and since i'll spend the next week at a workshop at the end of the world it is not entirely impossible that the next update will be only in about ten days. cya.

2004-09-05 - 2004/09/05

did a little re-design of the stuff-section since it became to crowded by various pictures. now it seems a bit empty. i guess i'll either have to add some things or do another re-design. *sigh*
i also added a little gallery of pictures showing some kind of industry. some rotten, some not.

2004-09-02 - 2004/09/02

first two days of this week were just terrible. i didn't get anything going and wasted time without end on trifles. fortunatly it got better later and i even did some nice programming today.
and i also got a nice present today: MR-data of my own body! on cd! cool!

while browsing ebay i was amazed for what enormous amounts of money people are selling their doom3-shirts. i'm so happy to have one, why should i sell it?
altough i am not terribly depressed this week i seem to listen to bohren's last album "black earth" a lot (that's the one were you have to count 'minutes per beat' instead of 'beats per minute'). it's as wonderful as the day i bought it but it's usually a really big downer. and speaking of music: björk's new album "medúlla" is out since monday. a lot of people don't seem to like it. but i do.

2004-08-29 - 2004/08/29

had some rather strenuous days with visiting relatives which resulted in going everywhere to watch everything in the shortest possible time. i didn't really have time to do anything useful (or to do anything un-useful but funny, for that matter) and that is really annoying.
at least today was nice and quiet and sunny again and we walked along the river where some kind of kite-festival took place so we had something to watch while walking on the lush grass.

2004-08-25 - the mid-holiday update post

been at the gc on friday which was fortunatly empty enough that you could walk by yourself instead of just being dragged with the stream like last year. best thing was of course that i got one of the last doom3-shirts which left matti grumbling for the rest of the day 'cause he hadn't got one. another highlight was the electronic arts booth were you could watch demos of upcoming games on a 360°-screen with a blinding lightshow. and i also played a prerelease version of stalker at the thq booth. i guess that's it for the highlights.
rpgs on saturday where i saw thomas again after some time and on sunday i helped olli a little messing up his room.
while the weekend was very nice yesterday was just horrid in terms of going somewhere. anywhere we went was closed or uninteresting (or both) and in the end it started to rain so massivly that even the 30 ft. run to our car (yep, that's one move-action =)) was enough to soak us utterly.

2004-08-19 - 2004/08/19

fixed the css font-size bug. for unknown reasons you cannot set font-size in the body-tag of an html-page but have to declare an extra span-tag ... whatever.

and now i'm off for holidays ...

2004-08-18 - 2004/08/18

already another week gone without news. how did i do this in those old glorious times (that is, back in june) when i had something to write every few days?!
last weekend i took lots (and i mean LOTS!!) of photos of old machinery some of which will probably appear here sooner or later. i also spend a nice evening on an island only to realize the night afterwards that i had millions of mosquito-bites all over my body (i am exaggerating a bit here, but not much!) which nearly drove me crazy during the night.
stephan will leave for kiel at the end of month which is good for him but a little sad anyway.
and i'll visit the games convention this weekend and have a week holidays afterwards so there'll be probably no update here til the very end of the month.

2004-08-10 - 2004/08/10

it's nearly 2 a.m. and i can't sleep so i figured i could just as well write a news for this page.
i had a pretty good day at work since i figured out (with some help of the mathematical genius of stephan) the solution to some basic problem i had. it could really work out in some serious progress.
and for the last weekend: what promised to be the most boring (and warmest) weekend in a long time turned out to be not so bad at all (the heat was just as unbearable as promised, tho). i was visiting ferropolis (city of steel) with theresa and we both decided that we´d have to come back to take some nice photos of corroding machinery.
and on sunday i found myself all alone in the woods for a long time. fortunately there seemed to be neither some wicked witch nor wild beasts that just wait to devour any innocent passerby and i found my way back home allright ...

and i had nearly forgotten to mention that the second mixed-tape is ready for download. check it out, it's really nice.

2004-08-03 - 2004/08/03

so summer finally showed up, the days are finally sunny and hot and i took some days off for a little summer holiday. there was a little party last weekend since judith and peter will leave for new zealand soon. i also went swimming for the first time this year with theresa to a place where i was never swimming before.
also people tend to comment on my hair more and more which means that it's either finally long enough or already too long. and if i don't get used to it during this warm weather i'll cut it off anyway.

i'd also like to mention that mark lanegans new album "bubblegum" is out this week and it features the wonderful pj harvey on vocals!
and i was pointed to magnatune which is kind of a record company without really being one. very artist-centered, very nice concept. check it out. get the music. decide what it's worth to you.

2004-07-22 - 2004/07/22

it seems i'm a bit lazy currenty. had a good time during the last weekend when we spent quit some time eating more than any decent person should including a giant watermelon, ice and a bbq. i've also seen "muxmäuschenstill" which was one of the funniest and at the same time one of the most disturbing movies i've seen in a long time.
i also was pointed to a softer world which i like a lot.
this evening i'll spend at markus' with a few friends. so guess it'll be nice.

2004-07-16 - 2004/07/16

gonna go to leipzig again. the occasion is a bit sad though since oliver'll be moving soon and our little community will fall apart even more than it already has when so many of us finished studying. possibly even to a point were we won't even meet regularily any more (which currently means about once a month).
yesterday i watched for the first time in my life a movie from iran (in arabic with english subs, mind!) called "children of heaven" (well, obviously this is the english title, originally it's called "bacheha-ye aseman"). the whole style of the movie was so very different from everything we know from europe or the u.s. that it was quite an experience. and a nice one, too. so thx to stephan for showing it.

2004-07-12 - 2004/07/12

last weekend was even more rainy than the rest of this so-called summer. we (that is a few friends and me) did a biking tour along the elbe river anyway and assured each other that this was very brave indeed. even more so in view of the big rain clouds. and we only got a little wet due to the clever planning and tactical breaks.
the rest of the week was amazingly boring and this week doesn't seem to get better.
a little sunshine would be nice.

2004-07-02 - 2004/07/02

this is what i did last weekend.

2004-06-30 - 2004/06/30

added two slightly changed pictures from the last weekend to the stuff-page.
also taking a few days off which means there'll be no more news 'til next week.

2004-06-29 - 2004/06/29

people were happy to get the pictures from last weekend to see themselves lying in the sun or wearing a pyjama while playing cards.
some even liked the little picture i made which is soon to be added to the stuff-page.

there's a really cool mixtape by various artists available for free at mercedes benz. so if you're into funky jazzy electro chill-out music you'll definitly like it.

2004-06-27 - 2004/06/27

oh my! my whole body is aching from yesterdays activities! since most people didn't bring computers and the weather was nice and warm we decided to spend the day at the lake. we were playing volleyball, did barbeque, some people were swimming in the horribly cold water while others were just chillin' and in the evening we made a big fire to warm our old bones.
after all it was a very fine day, people had lots of fun, i took a lots of photos and most of us got a sunburn to remember it for some time.
and since i usually don't do much sport and was giving it all yesterday it just may be that there is not a single spot on my body that doesn't hurt today. but that's okay.

and my computer is running again, too! a condensator on the mainboard was broken so now i got a really cool asus a7n8x-e deluxe which was quite expensive for a mainboard but has lots of spectacular features (half of which i'll prob'ly never use).

2004-06-24 - 2004/06/24

now this is just great! my computer is broken just one day before the lan. my tests with spare components suggest that it's prob'ly the cpu itself that doesn't work, possibly it's the board. (just hope it's not!!). that mean i'm gonna buy new components tomorrow.

2004-06-20 - 2004/06/20

it was probably obvious from the last news that i didn't do much except playing computer games during the last weekend . all other plans were cancelled due to the weather which seems to be the same every weekend i plan to do something outside. it was cold. it rained. we stayed inside.
at least we did two balcony-barbeque-sessions. and while doing it on the balcony seems pretty inappropriate the result was really tasty nontheless.
and playing games all day after so long a time was really cool, we had lots of fun and i'm already looking forward to next weekends nva-lan in leipzig where i hope to see some guys from the good old times.

2004-06-20 - 2004/06/20

now there ... especially for matti an online-mid-weekend-news telling the world that we're here at our little lan/hang-around-weekend. yesterday i was for the first time in over a year playing games till 4 a.m. and i would´ve been getting all moody by the fact that it was already dawn outside if i hadn't been so tired.

also added two pictures of wrecked buildings to the stuff-page. it's the same sick stuff as ever so if you didn't like the other pictures don't bother to look.

2004-06-18 - 2004/06/18

major design changes!! well, no, that's a lie.
but i put a little menu for archived news on the left side. on second glance this will prob'ly look stupid after two years or so. anyway, that's still 20 month ;)
i'm gonna spend the weekend in wolfsburg. the plans made are enough to spend a week there so i'm little curious what we´re actually gonna do.

yesterday was the annual spring-gaming-festivity-thingy of our institute which means long walks along the river interupted by sweets, drinks and games that only computer scientists can think of.

2004-06-12 - 2004/06/12

this weekend the annual historical festival in my hometown took place so there were actually places to go to. besides historical markets and meeting people you haven't seen for quite some time there were also a number of small concerts.
on friday i was visiting cultus ferox. They seem to be the type of guys who're part of every historical market in a wide circle around berlin. the performance was good but unfortunatly they weren't really able to really get the crowd going. on day 2 was a folk rock concert of il pozzo di san patrizio which was really cool. the guy in front row being too drunk to stand was a bit annoying 'cause he was alternately falling backwards into the crowd and to the ground. anyway, everybody was having fun and the music was good.
i even met steffi (who is hopefully quite delighted to read her name here) and we spend the better part of the evening checking out the rest of the city.

other cool things happened like me winning at pool last week and the final arrival of my scout niblett cd. i can't stop listening to it or at least humming the melodies to myself. scary. some of her songs are available at insound.

2004-06-07 - 2004/06/07

the last weekend was amazingly boring. i finished reading 'watchmen' and listened to pj harvey a lot. i guess that's all there is.

2004-06-03 - 2004/06/03

since i was already bugged about not having posted news in over a week i guess i should write something. i had a few days off which - at least to me - sounds like a pretty good excuse for not writing anything.
anyway, i was in leipzig again last weekend where the wave-gothic-festival took place like it always does at this time of the year. the weather was pretty good and i did some long walks and took lots of photos of things that probably nobody else takes photos of.
i was also quite happy that one of my favourite girls was finally trying to dance with the shadows again though she still didn't. but she's so much closer now.
i also played shadowrun for the first time ever. it turned out to have its very own advantages and flaws just like any other rpg-system i guess.
and during the few days i spend at my parents' we were visiting an old castle and doing some walks but were most of the time just complaining about the rain that always seems to chase us when we´re planning to do something outside our own garden. but my father is finally back home so my parents finally met again after about three month which is a good thing.

2004-05-24 - 2004/05/24

had a few days off that i'd planned to spend doing lots of things that needed doing but ended up sitting around most of the time due to the neverending rain outside.
i startet to read the big pile of comics i have accumulated over the last weeks and finally finished neil gaimans "1602" as well as ron marz´ "the path".
saturday the weather was at least okay so we went to the highest point around my hometown, the apollensberg, which - as a quick google told me - is a whooping 128 m above sealevel. and of course it started to rain again just when we where at the top!! the view was nice anyway. i guess that's the advantage when you live on a plain: you don't have to climb high mountains to get a nice view of your surroundings. a little hill will do just as well.

also there´re a few changes in the links. for instance has múm´s new website finally gone online and i also linked the website of antye greie-fuchs (singer of laub) where you can find some nice music and pictures as well as links to streams of laub concerts, etc.

2004-05-15 - 2004/05/15

it seems i was a bit lazy during the last days so i thought i'd just write a few words to show that i'm still alive and kickin'.
last week was pretty boring with the weather being cold and nobody really in the mood to do anything. i was in the cinema on monday to watch "schulze gets the blues" which is a german movie about a man sliding into retirement, realizing how much he hasn't done yet and trying to catch up. it was amazing, always alternating between being funny and being a big downer.
this weekend i was in leipzig again where i was given the opportunity to incarnate a golem which was fun. i also realized that you have a lot of problems if your 12 ft high. just getting into houses is only one of them.

2004-05-05 - 2004/05/05

the news is a bit on the technical side today. i finally fixed the background-colour-bug i complained about in mid-february (!!) by writing a little javascript for bgcolor-selection. and it even works!
it still looks a bit strange on opera but it works fine on all ie- and mozilla-based browsers.

yesterday night was a total lunar eclipse and an amazing mass of clouds successfully prevented me from seeing it. so that's the reason for any cool pictures you don't see here.

2004-05-01 - 2004/05/01

added a page of books i read since this page is up to make everything a wee bit more personal. i thought i'm reading fewer books than when i still studied so i was pretty surprised how many books i've read only as long as this page is up (which is nearly three month by now). i also updated the music-page

with the weather being all nice and warm during the last week my mom and i decided to make a trip to the park in wörlitz today. so we were strolling around there all afternoon and though it was pretty nice there with all the flowers and ducks and all the other things you tend to see at parks i now feel like my legs'll be falling off every second.

2004-04-26 - 2004/04/26

a lot of things that are not worth mentioning happened during the last days:
i took a lot of photos of the world getting overrun by spring.
i went on a *huge* shopping tour and got a new shirt that is not black (if you know me you also know that this is highly unusual), and a new backpack that is black.
i also finally copied the amazing kristin hersh "live at nvm" cd to tape after several weeks of considering to actually do so, which means i'd be theoretically able to play it in the ancient tape deck of my not- quite-ancient-but-nevertheless-pretty-old car. the tape deck refused to play it and i drove in silence.

2004-04-20 - 2004/04/20

today i had my talk about the trip to the SPIE Symposium on Medical Imaging i did in february. i was a bit tense because this was not about what i actually do but about something i happened to be part of somewhere a few month ago ... so by now my memory was a bit vague. furthermore it was the first talk ever i did in english. considered all these things it was quite okay i guess.
but nice things did happen, too. i was visiting the butterfly park at home last weekend for instance and took some nice pictures of some exotic and nice looking butterflies. sweet.
otherwise i just surrendered to some particulary vicious and mean form of spring tiredness that i try to fight by eating lots of fruit. but the improvement is only limited. maybe i should just sleep more.

2004-04-16 - 2004/04/16

one week passed again. quite a few things to do since i'm the new semester started this week.
was visiting a performance of the christian münchinger quartett at projekt 7 yesterday. it was quite a good concert with an original jazzy atmosphere. from the look of the people there i was prob´ly the youngest guest there. eerie!
the weekends gonna be a little stressful probably ´cause my parents decided to keep me confused and aimless with travelling half over germany.

i´d also like to remind everyone that múm´s new album "summer make good" is available since tuesday (at least here in germany) so go and buy it :)

2004-04-08 - 2004/04/08

just wanna wish everyone happy easter. i already took a day off today so my little holiday is a little prolongated.

also i did a little research on tolcha since there don't seem to be any records available out there. i found some tracks on dj shirkahns homepage as well as on tonspion which is a pretty good homepage for finding free music on the internet anyway.

okay then ... have some nice days and enjoy your free time ...

2004-04-04 - 2004/04/04

last nite i was at the sackfabrik in magdeburg visiting concerts of a bunch of artists from the p-pack label in berlin.
actually i went there to see susie van der meer and just wanted to take a look what the other bands were like but the evening ended a little different than i expected. there were just a few people there to watch which was a bit sad considering the number of bands and the low price.
susie's performance was quite strange since she was performing without a band which meant she had no live music but just sang to instrumental tracks of her songs. she gave a good performance especially towards the end but i was a bit disappointed nevertheless.
fortunatly it got a lot better after that when tolcha started performing. i'd never heard of them before but they played some kind of massive dub music supported by electric guitar and two drummers and they rocked enormously. after a few minutes they had everyone dancing and the atmosphere was really good. they were terrific.
last performance was by bruder & kronstädta who suffered from sound proplems which meant you couldn't quite understand their vocals so they were (more or less) just another hiphop band but the music was okay and everybody was jumping around wildly anyway.

today i'm gonna go visit matti again so probably this will be a busy day.

2004-03-31 - 2004/03/31

so spring's finally coming and the weather is nice and warm. too bad i've got to sit here and do ... stuff!
since my last weekend lacked any astounding events i'm just gonna note that i stumbled across the sensitivelight-website yesterday which contains a lot of wonderful pictures of smoke, hoverflies and other things.

also i was hit by the fact that my friend matti has a shaved head now and therefore looks even stranger than before.

2004-03-26 - 2004/03/26

so it seems i'm down to one posting per week again. and i don't even know what to write since nothing much happended this week.
last weekend was nice. as assumed we did indeed play our little round most of the time but fortunatly we did also go out on saturday evening to meet anja and micha who i didn't see a lot since i moved. obviously the situation was not improved by the fact that they moved, too, by now. so it was a nice evening that went by too fast but at least afterwards nobody was hungry anymore and everyone was up to date on everybody else´s life.

2004-03-19 - 2004/03/19

this was a shopping week. i got some new clothes (er ... yeah ... black again), some new dvds (including the amazing diana krall, live in paris) and most importantly some new hardware. i am now uncertain owner of a radeon 9800pro graphics card (that is betrayal of nvidia, right? they'll get me for this!) and certainly proud owner of a new nice, quiet and sort of blackish zalman powersupply and some shiny new fans.
sometimes i sit there in the dark of my room and just listen to my computer for hours.
well .. actually i don't do this. this would be sick!

i'm gonna spend the weekend at leipzig visiting olli & manu, prob'ly playing rpgs all the time. since my mother's still visiting my sister that means my father will be all alone for some time. poor guy.

2004-03-16 - 2004/03/16

oh no - it's starting again ...

nearly two weeks without any update. so this is what happened:
the last weekend i went out with steffi and we were talking about a lot of things including the whereabouts of our old classmates. so again an evening spent talking about the good old times. man that's eerie!
and i was playing pool a few times with markus during the last days. he was winning more often than not but i hope that i´m getting better again. at least in my memory i used to be pretty good while i was still studying when we went to play sometimes several times a week.
so after all nothing much happened in my otherwise so exciting life ...

2004-03-05 - 2004/03/05

yesterday i was visiting matti (who has still not changed the url on his page pointing to mine!) and we were talking about things we did once and things we do now and the general opinion was that the things we used to do (like, hanging around and playing lots of games) were a hell of a lot better than what we currently do (basicly working most of the time). so in general we behaved like some old men revelling in their memories of times long gone. we just did it not as loud. and without the whole walking stick waving stuff.
at this point i want to remind everyone that old men reveling in their memories rock after all!
on my way back home i had the opportunity to experience first hand what it's like to be standing for a few hours on a completely blocked road in the middle of night at -5 degrees centigrade. what occured to me first was that it's pretty cold. the second thing was that it's pretty boring. i also learned that there's not much use in taking photos on a highway in the middle of the night because the outcome tends to be just a black picture.

2004-02-28 - 2004/02/28

nothing much has happened during the last days worth to be written here. i was doing the usual things, like, working and stuff ...
today a bunch of cds that are not available in germany arrived. i ordered them directly at 4AD and they sent them over from the UK really fast. so i was listening all day to kristin hersh cds and felt happy doing so.

2004-02-23 - 2004/02/23

i added some pictures and banners to the stuff-section.
are you actually mentally insane if you like to take pictures of ruined buildings?

2004-02-22 - 2004/02/22

today is a pretty good day and i spent the better part of it just being happy. i went to visit my parents today who were really relieved to see me alive and well and we watched the photos and talked a lot about that big place over there where i was during the last week.
after my bag was missing when i arrived back in germany it finally was brought to my doorstep this afternoon. due to some strange twist of fate or simple human error it ended up in frankfurt instead of leipzig and i was very happy to get it back.
an edited version of my journal can be found here.

finally i even added a few links to the page. it's not much but it's a start

2004-02-21 - 2004/02/21

hi there,
i'm back from the u.s. and due to time change i seem to have somehow lost the last night. currently i am more or less awake for 27hrs. so i'm just checkin' the news and say 'hi'.
more news'll follow in two or three days since i'm leaving tomorrow morning again already.

and another good news: www.rahv-online.net is finally working.

2004-02-12 - 2004/02/12

so tomorrow starts the great trip. me going to san diego. i´m already quite nervous especially since the poster i have to present is not yet printed and the computer successfully refuses to do so.
hopefully i'll have more time to update stuff here when i'm back since currently there are so many things to do and so little time to do them.

2004-02-10 - 2004/02/10

had to give back the digicam for now but i´ll get it back when i go to america. i really should buy one of these so i don´t always have to lend one.
i put smaller versions of all the images on the page ... the others were just too big. still no links. damn.

i noticed that the colours of the pictures and the background colour don't match exactly on any other browser except IE. and that the IE is the one doing it wrong probably. so what am i gonna do about this?

2004-02-08 - 2004/02/08

i finished the initial design and put some images to the .stuff section hoping (once again) to fill the various section soon and keeping them updated. yeah ... i'm quite an optimist.
i also put a nice pic of myself into the .me-part of this page. to scare everyone out there i took off my glasses and tried looking really angry ... so bow down and fear my wrath!!! =)
to be honest i just thought that pic looks really cool and reflects me being one of the great thinkers of our time. or something like that. whatever.

btw: i finally got my passport yesterday. so now everything is ready for the big trip i guess.

2004-02-07 - 2004/02/07

i just couldn't stand it. six month without a homepage to tend made me an obsenely useful member of our society. but that's over now.
since any spark of creativity was put out of mind during this time (if there ever was any) i decided to just steal my own design and put a new background colour to it to get my new page ready in no time. i installed a little lamp in the upper left corner to let everything become more comfortable and now it's ready ... MY NEW PAGE ...
and i call it: .rv\hp-v7
what a nice little name :)

now ... go and do something useful ...

live the dream.