2005-12-30 - whiteout

spend a quiet and nice christmas with my parents, slept long into the day and did absolutly nothing connected with work in any way.
and yesterday the snow came. lots of snow. of course this was the same day when i went to visit matti in capital city. lets just say it was not a nice trip.
but now i am here in berlin, i am being connected to the internet and i am having the possibly worst tea of my life because someone has only weird kinds of tea and absolutly no sugar!!
meanwhile, you can read the new years resolutions of crowley and aziraphale over here.

2005-12-23 - these rough notes and our dead bodies must tell the tale

mmh ... as mentioned in the last post i am now far away from any internet connection but this should not prevent me from writing news. especially when things do happen.
for instance, snooker did happen to markus and me yesterday. and it happened for an amazing 5 hours! we had a whole lot of fun and some time after midnite we agreed on a nice 2:2 with no real winner but no loser either. we had some pretty good safety battles and i don't think i ever had this much fun playing snooker. the highest break went to markus with a whooping 15 pts tho.
and today i went to my parents', taking my computer and a whole lot of stuff with me and i finished my calendar and i got one of the coolest cds: "frost 79°40'", a radio-play by andreas ammer and fm einheit which i'd already heard but was never able to get my hands on. and all thanks to ebay.

2005-12-21 - ... and off you go!

a lot of good news before christmas. the best that is not too private to be told on the internet is the release of the new 50 foot wave ep "free music"!! and as the title suggests you can download it on kristin hersh's website along with various other songs of her and her bands.
and i'll be off for christmas tomorrow. this means i'll be without any network connection for most of the next 18 days. furthermore, i plan to visit matti for a few days and maybe some other friends, too.
moreover, this also means i have to give all my best wishes to you now already. so have yourself a few happy days, maybe do some weird things (i.e. "weird" in a good way!) and see some friends.

2005-12-19 - never let me down again

i was on a short visit to leipzig on saturday, just checkin' things and gettin' some stuff. for instance, got "f.e.a.r." as an early christmas present for myself. but was not able to get any decent black clothes that didn't look stupid.
and my dad came back yesterday after visiting my sister. so everybody'll be home on christmas.
and i forgot last week to mention an exceptional beautiful interpretation of a song originally by depeche mode and you can download it for free on tonspion. *listens to it for possibly the 217th time*

2005-12-17 - clouds passing by

although the nights are currently being longer than the days (especially now, only four days to midwinter) it is nevertheless a little surprising that about 80% of the pictures i take these days are actually taken outside during the night. this evening clouds covered the stars so instead of making photos of the stars i made photos of the clouds. you could call this persistent*.
also my little flu did expand over the days and the doctor said i should stay home for a few days. so i did.
i spend an astonishing amount of time tidying up my place and getting rid of lots of old papers and stuff -- which should actually not be interesting enough to be worth written here. *scratches his head*
anyway, i am pretty much looking forward to christmas or rather the 2.5 weeks off and seeing friends. i hope it all works out and i hope somebody has planned something for new years eve that includes me, cause i certainly haven't planned anything.

* you could also call it silly, of course. but you woundn't, now would you?

2005-12-12 - about things unloved and friends not met

got a little flu-y last week and just barely finished the paper i had to write before it finally hit. therefore, i didn't go to leipzig as planned this weekend. which was a shame since it would've prob'ly been worth it this time since manicka wanted to come as well as micha and anja whom i haven't seen for -- well, a _very_ long time.
but now i've slept a lot during the weekend and was reading a lot of the latest pratchett-novel (which is pretty good, btw) and drank a lot of tea and stuff like that.
also i compiled a little photo-calendar as a christmas present and am thinking about showing it off here. on the other hand it contains rather nice picture (since it is for loved ones, the conservative type) and thus might offend certain readers of this site. you just never know. also some of the pics have already been pictures of week here (unloved even than -- by some).
and finally, for everyone with too much spare time a cool little game over at www.iterationgames.com/.

2005-11-29 - no more mr. nice guy

since i got comments about the recent potw's being way to nice (well, one comment - and from someone who updates his homepage only once or twice per decade, ffs!), this is it. no more pretty pics. no more happy little pumpkins, no more little fluffy clouds. no, it's rusted wire!
well, at least for this week.

2005-11-28 - all about eyeballs

was at the oculist this morning (is that the right word? a doctor, eyes, letters getting smaller and smaller - you get the drift). now (in the evening) it feels as if my eyes are several sizes to big for their sockets which is an improvement considered that they felt the same at lunchtime but ALSO my pupils where the size of saucers (which is really not funny if there is WHITE snow everywhere) and tears were running down my cheeks continiously.
speaking of snow: there is some! not as much as in other parts of the country where poles are cracking like -- well, poles -- under the heavy weight of the snow, but more the nice kind that doesn't hurt. it could actually be a bit more if you ask me.
and we had some wonderful clear nights this weekend where little me took some photos of stars and constellations again (by now i have a pretty complete collection of what you can see in winter).
and tea did arrive. since the tea we got in july slowly runs out it was time to get some replacements.
and tonight we will problably be doing something since markus had a birthday.

2005-11-18 - another weekly update *yawn*

had a busy week with only little time at home. watched tim burtons "corpse bride" on monday which could've used a little more story but looked utterly beautiful. tuesday seems to be becoming our pool-day for we played again this week. a nice meeting with friends with a lot of food and some old movies on thursday and today my first time in theatre for at least 15 years! we saw "voll auf quote" at the schauspielhaus, a humorous view at the tv-biz, which was pretty good.
and finally i am going to leipzig this weekend to master some rpg. hope it'll be fun!

2005-11-14 - "your experience is statistically insignificant!"

why do i tend to write weekly updates now?? this is so two-minutes ago!
anyway: pool on tuesday and the annual shortfilm video exposition on wednesday. took a day off on friday and slept looong into the day and had a nice lazy time. and on saturday arrived the last season of futurama ("oh my, it's the zombi-jesus! and he's here for dinner? but i have nothing prepared!") which is so cool. this means i've got something to do for the next few nights when i've got nothing to do. err.

2005-11-06 - "stars shining bright above you ..."

spend half of the last night outside watching the stars. it was a wonderful clear sky and i tried to spot the constellations. since i had no idea what to look for (except usar major, orion and the other few nearly everybody knows) i had my starmap with me and i found most constellations visible at this time of year (including my zodiac, gemini). and today i even took some photos of what i saw. here´s a little example, try it yourself if you like: the stars and the constellations (350k each!).

2005-11-04 - mindblowing

was proofreading and checking large parts of markus´ dissertation this week. also two times pool the with him last week! especially the thursday session rocked since we potted nearly everything. and i discovered a really good chinese restaurant just five minutes from work.
and the coolest cds arrived today: the tough "cuts across the land" by the fabulous duke spirit including a cool bonus disk i'm listening to while writing this. also the legendary "my father my king" by mogwai, an absolutly mindblowing 20 minute one track disk.
play it loud!! yeah!

2005-10-30 - only music and photos (again)

i'm in a deep fiona apple phase by now where i don't listen to much other music (except maybe the old future sound of london records i rediscovered this weekend).
and today i went to the historical market in my hometown and also climed to tower of the local castle (which is something i did the last time when i was about ten). and because of the warm and nice weather i had a good view over the whole city and (of course) took some nice photos.

2005-10-24 - night out

did a short trip to berlin with birgit on saturday to visit bine in her new flat. she's now owner of the possibly sweetest and coolest kitten there is. we had a nice afternoon with lots of talking and entertaining the cat but had to get home again in the early evening. in the night i did some cool pictures of the sky (look here)
and on sunday i went mushrooming with my parents. after the rain we found plenty which'll probably have a severe influence on our meals in the near future.

2005-10-21 - stuff galore!

it's so cool when you come home and lots of packages with cool stuff are already waiting. the new books by terry pratchett and robert jordan arrived as well as the special edition of fiona apple's finally released 3rd album with some cool videos and all the audio tracks yet again in dvd quality.

2005-10-20 - the cool dog

last week i wrote how nothing happened. well, nothing kept on happening this week. except more ... that is, stronger ... whatever!
so i am very grateful for the last weekend i spend at micha's in leipzig where we did some roleplaying and some other things and where i even got a bed to sleep in. and of course a cool dog was thown in, too.

2005-10-13 - same old routine

absolutely nothing astonishing happened during the last week. nevertheless.
i watched terry gilliams "the brothers grimm" on monday and my high hopes for the movie were absolutly justified. it was a lot more straitforward than his previous movies but a was a nice fairy-talish story and it looked most beautiful.
and yesterday i played pool with markus for the first time in, like, three month. i was pretty bad when we started but it all came back soon and we played for about three hours.
i also finished "anansi boys" yesterday and i can absolutely recommend to read it.

2005-10-07 - vive la trance

yesterday i visited the meret becker concert. she presented her new programme "høllekin gen ...", a tribute to finland and its people. it was a wonderful show with hauntingly beautiful music and i guess i like meret now more than ever.
after the show i got the special tour cd containing the songs she played including a lot of wonderful cover-versions of songs by tom waits, leonard cohen, etc.

2005-10-05 - autumn leaves

it's definitly autumn! not only is the weather wet and cold but lots and lots of cool new books are released. neil gaiman's new novel aside, a new discworld from terry pratchett and the 11th part of robert jordan's "wheel of time" cycle are out. oh my. and that's just when heinleins "the moon is a harsh mistress" arrived today.
my only hope is that i was equally desperate one year ago and still got through all the books in time.
i also updated the potw section and am by now up to date again.

2005-10-04 - to absent friends, lost loves and the season of mists

had a school reunion thingy last saturday which was ... ambivalent. of course it was nice to met some old friends and people i hadn't seen in a looong time but the whole organisation was kinda unfortunate. only 12 people from my class turned up but we had a nice time anyway. the weather was all rainy and cold so i had to use my car and was thus part of the designated driver program. and i visited jan on the next day again to talk about all kinds of things.
and as planned i read a lot on the weekend. "anansi boys" is a hilarious comedy and so far i like it a lot.
today was the 2nd showing of peters new film "gent" (i wasn't able to attend the premiere) where little me even has a very tiny little role of about two seconds in the final cut, looking all cool and evil with a pair of borrowed sunglasses.

2005-09-29 - pretty good on the overall scale

uh, well, nothing really special during the last days.
sushi last thursday with niklas and martin was pretty funny. on saturday i went to leipzig and did sight seeing with olli and we were surprised about all the things that had changed in the past few months.
this week was pretty boring so far. did my taxes on tuesday. and today we watched "broken flowers", the new movie by jim jarmusch. i'd say it was an avarage jarmusch movie (which is still pretty good on the overall movie scale) that won a good deal by bill murrays great performance.
oh, and amazon finally shipped my copy of anansi boys. that means a very happy little boy (that'd be me!) will be reading a LOT on the weekend to come.
and i am already so very very looking forward to the meret becker concert/show-thingy in the beginning of october for which markus already got tickets.

2005-09-21 - unfair!

i am back at work since yesterday and had mostly to catch up with stuff that accumulated during the last week.
neil gaimans new novel "anansi boys" is available since yesterday. amazon tells me that i'll probably get it in two weeks. that not fair!!
and i still have to do my taxes till the end of september. that's not fair either.
and it's rather cold here and the heating's still off. and that's not fair at all.

2005-09-19 - just italy

arrived in italy on sunday after a ride that was pretty miserable due to rain pouring down in staggering quantities every few minutes which was a little unnerving for the unsuspecting driver (in this case me).
once we got here everything was just fine. checked out the town nearby on the first day (though "town" is a bit of an exaggaration here). while nice and little it turned out to be a crowded tourist trap. tuesday turned out to be much cooler (at least for me) since we did a little trip up one of the numerous mountains and i wandered off alone to check out how far up i'd be able to get and i returned exausted but happy. unfortunatly matti catched a cold somewhere along the way so he stayed home the next two days while manu and me explored the neighbouring towns. riva turned out to be the next tourist-trap but arco seemed pretty interesting.
thursday was even better when we got up monte blanco and little me could run around a little. the vista was not as good as expected due to clouds gathering beneath us but i liked it anyway.
returned to germany on saturday and the trip was rainy again and i arrived home nearly at midnight after getting the others home.

2005-09-10 - the pre-italy update

okay, tomorrow starts our little holiday in italy. one week with manu and matti. oh my!
the repair of my car is finished though it took way longer than expected and was much _much_ more expansive than expected. but now i hope everything'll be fine and the ride'll be okay and the weather next week will be nice and we'll have lots of fun.
and we had a nice get-together with martin and henry last week were henry decided to cook for everyone (never dispise free food!!) and we had lots of fun playing table tennis at which nearly no one was any good at. i for one got a nice big bruise just above the hip after i crashed into the windowboard. and i didn't get the ball either!
and on tuesday judith returned back to canada ("the real america" ;)).
*waves goodbye*

2005-09-03 - 2005/09/03

yesterday arrived the last cd of the magnificent scout niblett who is still the only singer i know of who writes songs with drums as the only instrument used. i also got the rest of the sin city books through which i am reading with alarming speed. i spend probably way to much time with dwight, miho and all the other guys and gals, all of them having some serious bad influence on me.
and we watched 11:14 at the cinema which was a very interesting episode movie with lots and lots of black humour. we had quite some weird moments with the episodes intertwining and we (the watchers) realizing how things already known from episodes before came to pass. this one is really recommandable!!
and with my holidays in italy only one week ahead i'm already busy getting all the necessary documents and insurances and all the things needed for going there. and i still have to get my car checked since it decided that this'd be as good a time as any to start leaking oil ...

2005-08-28 - 2005/08/28

a new bunch of sin city books arrived. i already read "a dame to kill for" which i liked a lot and which'll be one of the episodes featured in the next sin city movie.
and i visited the (seemingly annual) kite-festival in my hometown this weekend. the weather was pretty hot and though it was nice i was exhausted afterwards. and tonite we met for dinner and gaming at the bunker with judith who is visiting germany for two weeks.

2005-08-25 - 2005/08/25

okay ... this is it! the first news posted on the new php-modified news page. i should've used php before since it makes things so much easier to handle and it allowed me to kick out most of the javascript stuff that was embedded in this page.
and i watched "charlie and the chocolate factory" which was funny and really bizarre. and johnny depp as willy wonka was just great.
and yesterday i helped markus to move out of his flat. this is sad 'cause he'll now live a bit further away so we'll prob'ly not go to as many of the already few cool events happening here anymore.

2005-08-21 - 2005/08/21

two weeks ago i installed all that webstuff like apache and php for some private project. so i figured i could just as well do a php-script for my potw-page. and today i did. the page basically looks like before (except that the new pictures are now first). but the handling on my side for adding new pictures is much better now. which is cool. *grins like an idiot*

2005-08-20 - 2005/08/20

spend the weekend in berlin visiting matti. he did a little get-together on saturday where i met some people from the good old times and we made pizza and talked and played videogames. after most people left pretty early on sunday we did a little tour through the city with david and micha and we got us some ice and i took some photos (e.g. this weeks potw). so i guess i had a pretty good weekend.
and i forgot to mention some nice links:
neil gaiman put up "the case of the four and twenty blackbirds" on his page (which is a shortstory he did in the mid-eighties and which i liked well enough) and mixed tape 08 is out.
and some tp's arrived on friday among them "the hard goodbye", the first part of the sin city series. after loving the movie so much i'll give the books a try ...

2005-08-16 - 2005/08/16

uh huh .. someone here's a little lazy writing news. i was watching the infamous sin city yesterday and it was everything i had hoped for. it was really really cool, really violent and sometimes pretty funny, too.
since last week + the weekend were really cold (for summer at least) so there was not much to do. i took a few photos, played pool ... oh ... and i watched madagaskar which was okay. it could've been much better. that fact that i nearly forgot to mention it here speaks for itself.
and i finished mark haddon's stunning "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time" which is an amazing book to read.

2005-08-06 - 2005/08/06

took a few days off to help my sister getting back home with all the stuff she had with her. that was again much more than a thousand km in the last two days and i am a bit sick of driving now.
but since yesterday was totally free i decided to do a short trip to leipzig (by car!) and check out what's changed in the last two month. basic'ly there seem to be a lot more building sites than before. but it was a nice day and i had fun (though i didn't visit anyone due to lack of time) and got some cool books and stuff.
and the new kristin hersh live cd from the paradise in bosten arrived. while she's one of my favourite singers i like her live even more with all those cool acoustic versions of her songs as well as the strange anecdotes she always tells ("this morning i put peanut butter on my sons shoulder and let the dog wake him up. he came into the kitchen sopping wet, going 'mom, that was just weird ...'").
and i was told that the games convention this year will be on the same weekend matti's gonna do his welcome party in berlin (august 20th/21st) so it seems that'll be a busy weekend. and of couse i can't go early since i have an important appointment thursday evening. i know i quoted this already a long time ago but it's so true: "events are cowards. they do not occur singly, but instead, run in packs and leap out at you all at once." (neil gaiman said this of course.)

2005-07-30 - 2005/07/30

lots of cool stuff that'd been pending in the queue finally arrived this weekend. so i finally got m. ward's "transistor radio" as well as the mindblowing "government commissions" my mogwai (which includes an 18 minutes version of "like herod" that is probably one of the most suited songs if you'd like to drive your neighbours mad). and i finally bought "muxmäuschenstill" which is imo still the best german movie in ... well, in a very long time (and which teaches you that it is a bad thing to drive your neighbours mad).

2005-07-29 - 2005/07/29

spend lots of time at work this week since i have a deadline on some project. currently it seems like everything will be fine. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
was in cinema again this week, this time to watch "code 46", a love-story ethic-thingy set in the near future. and - more important - we did a little party yesterday where we made sushi ourselves. it was very funny and though not as good as in a restaurant it was pretty tasty anyway.
but now back to work, i still have to embed the pictures ...

2005-07-24 - 2005/07/24

listening to lhasa all day. prob'ly this'll start to annoy people sooner or later. no matter.
i forgot to mention that i was in cinema on wednesday to see "kontroll", a kind of thriller with _very_ interesting characters playing completly underground in the metro of budapest.
*keeps on listening to lhasa*

llegarás mañana
para el fin del mundo
o el año nuevo

2005-07-23 - 2005/07/23

was a the lhasa de sela concert at the kulturbrauerei in berlin tonite which was absolutly stunning. silly me - never taking photos at concerts - wanted to take photos today but forgot his camera at home. nevertheless it was a really good evening. lhasa was so sweet and she told lots of little stories between the songs and even translated some of the lyrics to german. the band was really good, too, playing among the usual instruments lots of unual ones (like a waterbottle) or were just snapping fingers. everybody seemed to have lots of fun. there were a lot more people there than i would've expected before and the atmosphere was really cool. the first encore turned out to be a wild party and the second encore was sad yet hopeful with "soon this place will be too small" and the accompanying story.
now i'm back home, happy and tired. g'night.
ps: songs and videos by lhasa can be found here.

2005-07-18 - 2005/07/18

spent the weekend near paderborn visiting my sister. the objective of the weekend seemed to be to see as much as possible in the shortest possible time. the places we went to were alright but it was pretty hard anyway. so i covered about a 1000 kilometers this weekend by car which is much more than i'm used to.
java turned out nice by the way. with a bit of clever coding it nearly as fast as my c++ prog. this is so cool.

2005-07-10 - 2005/07/10

on friday i received my copy of terry pratchetts "once more* with footnotes" which for some strange reason was published directly at nesfa so it's pretty hard to get outside the uk. i was utterly delighted reading it, not only by the short stories included but even more my all the little anecdotes and how the stories came to be.
and i started writing java again (this time using netbeans). it's amazing how comfortable it still feels after almost three years and i just hope it's fast enough for the problem i wanna solve ...

2005-07-07 - 2005/07/07

got tea. lots of tea. my favourite is currently pai mu tan white tea which really makes me believe that you can argue about how to make tea. (if you're into tea you might like to read an excerpt from "the salmon of doubt" by douglas adams about this topic.)
and we watched "old men in new cars" at the studiokino as well as "in china they eat dogs" which were two of the funniest and coolest movies i've seen in a long time. it reminded me a little of "snatch" being utterly cool, too.

2005-06-26 - 2005/06/26

it is definitly summer by now. it's hot all day and i tend to do summerish things: wednesday we did a little bbq. thursday and friday we went swimming.
and at home the cherries are getting red and the garden is full of blossoming roses.
so, rise and shine.

2005-06-20 - 2005/06/20

i went to lots and lots of events during the last week. last wednesday was a spring event thingy at the university that involved lots of silly (but really funny!) games, lots of wandering and free dinner in the evening. it was pretty cool and we even won a prize! yee-haa! afterwards i went to another improv theater session that was so hilarious that the phrase "rolling on the floor laughing" is not much exaggerated. my view on grapes has changed totally, that's for sure!
thursday i went the a real theatre play for the first time in years: "who's afraid of virginia woolf" was shown in the mikrokosmos,. i was really impressed and it was a very nice evening with a funny photo session afterwards for promotion.
friday i was visiting a concert of waits 4 devil, a tom waits coverband. they did an impressive show including all the original gimmicks like a gas can, a megaphone and a police siren. "big in japan" was _the_ song of the evening!
and the weekend i spend in dresden, visiting olli and manja for the first time since they moved there. they did a very nice party where i met people i hadn't seen in years and ate lots of tasty things. manicka mixed some wicked punch that made you think you weren't really drunk and the fact that the room was spinning 'round your was just some weird coincidence.
i guess what i'm trying to say is that i had a pretty cool and eventful week with lots of fun.

2005-06-13 - 2005/06/13

this weekend was the annual midiaeval festival in my hometown. the thing itself was, like, okay, nothing special, but i met with some friends which made the whole thing worthwhile. well, at least until the point where i had to see a concert of a queen coverband. actually they were not too bad ... it was more, like, thanks but no thanks! so we went elsewhere - from the sound of it probably to hell.
everybody else seemed to have great fun and i escaped without my brain turning to porridge. but just barely.
and my mom went to visit my sister for not so nice reasons but the worst things seem settled and i hope everything'll be alright.
on the gaming side i am making great progress with bg2 where i beat kangaxx and firkraag this weekend ("okay, you´re a red dragon but you can't hurt me because i've got my magical aaaargh ....!"). now off to spellhold!

2005-06-10 - 2005/06/10

this was definitely a cinema-week: on tuesday i watched silentium which was a very funny and very disturbing movie at the same time. really recommandable! star wars on wednesday was as expected a special effects show with predictable story but it was entertaining anyway. and yesterday it was the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy which was different from the books but very funny and enjoyable.

2005-06-02 - 2005/06/02

it seems as if holger no longer owns the webspace where my page was hosted so it went down for several days along with the now legendary nva-webpage. while nva-clan.de seems gone for now (along with all email-accounts) this page is back on a new space. we still have an old version of the nva page which will prob'ly be up and ready again next week on mattis webspace.
and the chief executive of rahv-online.net has a birthday today. he's still in his twenties but still slightly disturbed that he is writing about himself in the third person.

2005-05-30 - 2005/05/30

yesterday was the matt ward concert in berlin. it was a really great show. supporting act were norfolk & western who did a good job, too. these guys really rocked the house which was a little surprising considering matt's usually quiet music.
we'd nearly missed the start due to traffic jam and had a little trouble finding the location but in the end all was well and we had a lot of fun.
i visited leipzig on friday were did some bbq and some games, nothing special but it was nice nonetheless.

2005-05-24 - 2005/05/24

tomorrow i'm gonna go to berlin since judith and peter need a ride for getting to the airport. they're leaving again. this time for canada. for good. damn.
they did a goodbye-party last friday, tho, which was fun. a nice evening with friends. i can't remember ever drinking that much wine before.
and we did a fishing with john evening last week. interesting. and funny. i think i'll have to practice that strange dance that makes you successful when dealing with fish. and money. and women.
and i am still busy with bg2 which costs me lots of hours of precious sleep but gives me lots of fun in return.

2005-05-17 - 2005/05/17

had a cool weekend after i rediscovered the charm and magic of baldur's gate 2. so i sat and played 'til two in the morning despite having to be up again six hours later just because i had to clear the d'arnise hold after nalia got a little impatient.
if you've never played bg2 you have probably no idea what i'm talking about but trust me, it was important! :)
unfortunatly i am way behind on pics of the week but they´re already selected and just have to be cut and resized and stuff so they'll hopefully up and ready soon.
and i finally got my shannon wright import cds which are (of course) utterly cool. i also forgot to mention that warner bros have sent me my replacement disc for the last babylon 5 which is cool, too.

2005-05-10 - 2005/05/10

was woken up today at 3.30 a.m. by a broken water pipe in kitchen which was busy making lots of noise and a mess of my kitchen. a good day to get broken since i had to get up at 7 a.m. anyway which would've been bad enough.
fortunatly i got the new and astonishing bola album today so my mood is gradually getting better.

2005-05-05 - 2005/05/05

it's my moms birthday and lots of relatives came to visit and it was a really hard day and i am just happy to sit at my computer now, alone and with some nice, depressing music to calm me.
as for the week: i bought a new radio for my new car so i can finally listen to cool cds and don't depend on the old tapedeck anymore.
and markus got tickets for the m. ward-concert in berlin at the end of may to which i am really looking forward to.
this weekend i'm going to leipzig again to spend some nice time with old friends. and i'm still preparing a little adventure for them to play ... prob'ly planescape for the first time.

2005-05-01 - 2005/05/01

today was the warmest day of the year so far. i went on a long biking tour which i was to regret shorty after in the mind-numbing heat when i had a looong way to get home again.
and while the last week was pretty eventless, last week we re-visited the butterfly part and with my camera working again i took some nice pictures of butterflies.
and on reading: after finishing the book of the new sun-cycle i started reading a non-fiction bestseller book - something i didn't do in quite some time (at least not since this page is up). after all that hype about dan browns "da vinci code" i guess i should check it out myself.

2005-04-22 - 2005/04/22

uh ... i hadn't noticed that so much time is gone without any update.
spend the last week pretty much with looking for a car. with a limited budget this is a really annoying way to spend your time. but finally i found a good one and now i am proud owner of a cool mitsubishi carisma. i am a bit sad ´bout the old toyota, though. i never had any major problems all the years i drove it and i just hope it'll be the same with the new car.
also my camera is back (it was broken back in march) after an expansive repair. but i guess that means there'll be new pics on the potw-page again.
also judith and peter arrived back from new zealand two weeks ago and aside from going to lunch together again we had a very nice evening last week with games and milk shakes and lots of other stuff.
and finally, micha has a birthday today and i am not there (for various reasons). happy birthday anyway!

2005-04-07 - 2005/04/07

had a very cool week so far. pool on tuesday with markus where we both potted ball after ball, like the pros do. nice.
and on wednesday i was at a live improv theater thingy performing a kind of soap opera in three parts with lots of weird interludes and cool ideas. it was hilarously funny and i guess i'll have to go there again.
finally yesterday was a concert of the world quintett which was not only really good but they even gave everyone in the audience a cd for free. this they did basically because so few people came (as they said, their smallest audience in the last 25 years) and they wanted to encourage us to keep coming to such events. and they played a very intimate two hours session with lots of jokes and cool music anyway. thumbs up!

2005-04-04 - 2005/04/04

manu and matti did their birthday-party last saturday (manu is now officially old!) and nearly everyone was there. micha made lots of his fabulous chili and we could not eat half of the food and drinks people brought and had lots of fun until early in the morning.
i also did some nice pics on sunday morning when everyone was still sleeping and - even better - i finally got my cool emily-poster.
last week was pretty cool, too. i played snooker on thursday for a whooping four hours and i was in the cinema to see "the life aquatic with steve zissou" which is now counted among the weirdest movies i´ve seen in my life.

2005-03-28 - 2005/03/28

forgot to wish everyone out there a happy easter. hope you had some nice days anyway.
i met lots of people during the holiday: did a nice trip with steffi, thomas & karen on saturday to visit once more ferropolis followed by a long walk round the bergwitzsee. well ... kind of around the lake. nearly around. don't ask.
and on saturday i visited jan who told stories ´bout japan and who´s currently busy looking for a cool job. *fingers crossed*
also went looking for a new car since the mine is rusty all over. no luck so far.

2005-03-23 - 2005/03/23

spent a nice (if somewhat cold) weekend with lots of time outside in the spring-ish weather, testing my kite (which indeed flies) and walking the countryside. also played lots of pool during the last week.
also got some cool dvds this weekend: "coffee and cigarettes" and "π" (after seven years finally released in germany) arrived on saturday.

2005-03-18 - 2005/03/18

the weather is warmin up to spring temperatures, the snow is gone and everyone's happy it seems. i got a kite yesterday an and am now waiting for some more wind.
last weekend i visited the balance exhibition which was mostly disappointing ´cause it was pretty shallow.
and i can't stop to listen to the new patrick wolf album "wind in the wires". it's massivly trying to hide that it's electronic music by sounding like your usual folk but every time you get lulled some blips and beeps and weird noises sneak into the music.
and the worst for last: i broke my camera! my foot got caught at the tripod which fell with the camera attached to it. now i just hope it won't be to expensive to get it fixed again ...
so the next few pics'll be old ones.

2005-03-05 - 2005/03/05

did a little cleaning up of the whole page, dusted the code and polished the tags.
also discovered how much i was into the whole css-thingy back when i designed the page. pretty impressive since now i have to look it up all over again if i wanna change something.
and today i looked at some pictures i took a year ago and was amazed at the blooming spring flowers while now everything is covered by snow.

2005-03-02 - 2005/03/02

my mom should be out of hospital by tomorrow. she´s better now and i so hope she'll be really fine again soon.

it also occurred to me that i didn't mention some things: first off this version of my little page is by now one (in numbers: 1) year old (actually it was by the beginning of february). so "happy birthday" even if it's a little late. and after all i'm still posting every few days.
and i did a little 'picture of the week'-thingy in the stuff-section since i don't seem to find the time to put up some of the really cool pictures i have. so now i'll be at least putting up one pic at a time.
it'd look probably a lot cooler if i'd just used on of those done-and-ready photo blog scripts out there but then not everything here would be done by me. well, i'll think about it. maybe.

2005-02-27 - 2005/02/27

my mom's in hospital since tuesday so i'm there, too, for most of the day. this so damn fucked!!
i just hope she´ll be well again soon.

2005-02-22 - 2005/02/22

another weekend gone.
was at niklas' for a little party which ended up being not so much a party as much as a get-together with obscenely many nice things to eat as well as hilarious laughing to the point of oxygen deficiency. which is prob'ly to say that it was quite nice.
but also matti had a good day yesterday since he finally found a (hopefully) good job even if it's for a company i hate passionatly. you may read about it on his site at some time in the distant future when the next annual update is due. just kiddin´.
as for music: the new tori amos was out yesterday and i discovered that 50 foot wave (the new band of the fabulous kristin hersh) will be releasing their first album at the beginning of march.

2005-02-17 - 2005/02/17

had a very nice first week in the new office. going to work is a whole new thing now. and yes, that´s only thanks to the angel i´m sharing the room with.
i re-learned c (the programming language, not the letter!) last week since i desperatly needed something fast for the current project and since i hadn't used c/c++ in seven years i was pretty helpless. but now everything works fine and i´ll prob´ly be happe until i discover i have forgotten everything about java.
and for the last week: i was in leipzig during the weekend and met lots of people i hadn´t seen in months and there was much to talk about.
and i finally got "i´m wide awake, it´s morning", the absolutly amazing new cd by the bright eyes.

2005-02-05 - 2005/02/05

uh-uh ... been a bit lazy with news, eh?!
on the other hand nothing much did happen in those days. except maybe for this friday when i changed office (again!) but this time i ended up with a very nice girl so this is promising for a change of climate at work.
apart from that i did just the usual things like playing pool for an incredible long time on monday (well, nearly four hours isn't really incredible but they last over 200 mins nevertheless). last weekend was cool (it really was!) and i was playing out in the snow. but on monday nearly all the snow was gone and it was just raining and i don't really like to go out to play in the rain.
well, that's basicly it. gotta go, the second semi-finale of the malta cup starts soon.

2005-01-24 - 2005/01/24

in "american gods" neil gaiman described how the main character of the book when driving through snow always imagined the car to be standing still while the landscape moved past him. that was basically how i felt yesterday when going home through a pretty good snowstorm. not seeing the markings on the road i just tried to stay on my track and after some time staring at this moving wall of snow in front of me i realized that i'd be probably getting a little funny in the head any minute now. it was even more frustrating that when i arrived home there was absolutly no snow there (this is bad because i actually like snow - just not when i'm late and ought to get home fast).
fortunatly it was snowing today and now the city is pretty white and nice. and anja posted an url where you can make your own snowflakes which is pretty funny.
the weekend was really cool. well ... sunday was really cool. on saturday we tried to play pool on a crooked table and were visiting some strange party with a lot of look-at-how-cool-i-am kind of people.
sunday was just rpg-ing and drinking (a lot) and eating (even more). it was great fun (at least for me) and it was imo the best session in a long time and in the evening micha & anja (whom i haven't seen for quite some time) dropped in and we talked a little (and they made fun of my hair) and then i got home ... well ... you know the rest.
so that leaves only to say that ronnie o'sullivan won the welsh open again this year.

2005-01-21 - 2005/01/21

i am on a quick visit at my parents before going to leipzig tomorrow to see friends again after too long a time. some nice cds were waiting for me when i arrived here: the aforementioned new hungry lucy-cd "to kill a king", the highly recommendable new album by kante and finally "loupita" by kristofer aströms which sounds like what i imagine to be a skandinavian folk-album. it's very beautiful and very calming. one of the cds that can run in an endless loop without ever being annoying. so i've got lots of good music to listen to but barely time to do it.
watched "house of the flying daggers" this week in the cinema. went there with high expectations since i really liked "hero" (by the same guys) but was very disappointed by the senseless story. it seems they wanted to do a lot of cunning plot twists and ended up with something utterly pointless. on the other hand it looked at least as good if not better than "hero" which means a lot.
next week i have to get going again at work. this week was a struggle and that sucks!

2005-01-17 - 2005/01/17

more or less fit again. spent the weekend being cared for by my mother which was a major help. which proves again that mothers are irreplacable and cannot be thanked enough.
i even played pool again tonite after more than a month. and it went quite well. i still knew for instance with which side of the cue to hit the ball. and won my share of frames.
and my hair is finally long enough to be bound together to a tail without looking utterly stupid. which doesn't mean that it looks really cool.

what i probably want to say is that nothing profound happened in the last few days. but it's the small things that count. right? right???
oh my ...

2005-01-13 - 2005/01/13

the cold got me bad. i went to see the doctor at tuesday and am off work for this week. on the bad side this means i am wasting paper tissues in quantities that a small city normally uses and i am coughing like a chain-smoker. but on the good side i finally finished watching the last bab5-season with tears in my eyes. i guess i mentioned before that it is in my opinion the best sci-fi show ever done but one cannot mention that often enough.
on monday i also watched "team america" in the cinema. it was really funny (at least if you like the "south park"-kind of humour).
and i noticed only yesterday that there is a new hungry lucy cd out there since november already.

2005-01-07 - 2005/01/07

went to leipzig yesterday to keep updated on stuff and check out the city. it was okay but too little time. it would've been better to stay overnight.
and i catched a cold somewhere. that sucks.

2005-01-04 - 2005/01/04

so, a happy new year to y'all. let's just hope it'll be better than the last one.
i am still writing offline news due to lack of any internet access. spend christmas, like, well. just chillin'. went to visit my sister and niece for a week on dec. 26th. and what a week it was. my niece got pretty ill and i got the opportunity to spend some days in the hospital with her. after all it was very stressing and tiring and i just hope all will be well soon enough.
came back the day before yesterday and try to recover from my holidays.
christmas brought me (among other things) the triple media book/dvd "isolated" by funkstörung. and i waste my hours watching the fifth season of "babylon 5".
so .. that pretty much covers the last days. over and out.

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