2006-12-28 - a sign of her passage

after a very foggy christmas, it was snowing for most of the day today but now in the night is getting warmer again and it has already started melting again.
birgit came visiting for a few days and as we didn't see each other for a year we had enough to talk about in little enough time. i got the new book by mark haddon as a gift from her (one that was returned by giving her "the timetravellers wife" by audrey niffenegger).
other presents included black socks and sweets, but even before christmas i also got the complete "tales of the clerks" by kevin smith and, a little more serious, "universe" by martin rees.
on the computer gaming side - a very important factor during christmas holidays - i tend to be very traditional this year. in this context, "traditional" means that i finished gothic 3 another two times to see some of the other endings and that i currently play "the fall of max payne" in "dead on arrival" mode (the other modes were mostly finished during several other christmasses as was part one of the game).
and while i am currently at my parents' i plan to be in dresden at the end of the year with manu and matti so it is just as well that the snow is melting again.

2006-12-21 - holiday season

last day at work today before christmas break. so i guess this is to everyone reading this, wishing you a nice few days, some nice presents maybe, and a good start in the new year.
me, i had a pretty good christmas party on tuesday with a few friends from work. most of the guys didn't come, but the ones who did where exactly the right ones to have some fun and a few drinks with.
and yesterday i finally watched casino royale. it was pretty entertaining and we had some good laughs. imo the best bond movie in a long time.
see ya next year. live the dream.

2006-12-18 - a list of things done

considering the rate i am currently writing news in, this may very well be my last update before christmas (and the following holidays).
i did a shopping trip to leipzig on the last saturday where i finally got - among other things - a brand new tft monitor. it's super fast and super flat and super cool. suddenly i have so much free space on my desk i don't even know what to put there. amazing!
also i finished up the photos for this years calendar and hope that the hardcopies of the pics arrive before christmas. i'd started compiling them earlier if i'd just remembered how long it takes to select an adequate pic for each month and to postprocess them.
it is still really warm for december and at home the roses start blooming again and next years peas already broke through the earth. as much as i like it not being too cold this is actually a bit unnerving.
and last friday was the first night of this autumn/winter with a really clear sky and i finally took some cool pictures of stars again.
i also finished gothic 3 ... well, at least for the first time, as there are multiple endings that i still intend to explore.

2006-12-08 - unexciting-pre-christmas-posting

another week gone by without any exciting new events worth telling about.
the only noteable place i went to during the last week was a part in my hometown where a whole bunch of apartment blocks get teared down currently. the whole area look pretty distressing and the word 'post-apocalyptic' somehow came to my mind (here's a pic).
apart from that i am slowly getting all the presents for christmas together. it's really not that much, tough, so problem there.

2006-12-01 - run, my pretty little chunks of xp! run!

i just noticed that i didn't mention the awesome webcomic "order of the stick" anywhere around here. i am reading it for quite a while now and if you're into roleplaying games you'll probably like it, too.
anyway, yesterday finally arrived a bunch of "order of the stick" books i was trying to get my hands on for some time. though most of the comics are available online for free, the books are great, since it's always cool to have a book in your hands and there's some cool bonus stuff, too.
and i even tinkered around a bit and drew my own avatar. whooo-hoo!!

2006-11-29 - oh my, an update!

yepp, still g3-addicted, still lazy updating the page.
although i finally upped the missing potw´s. and i already write the ... um ... third(?) message this month. this is so embarrassing!
anyway, i had a prolonged weekend that included a short trip to potsdam where i - among other things - walked through a completely empty christmas market at 8 a.m. during foggy weather. wow, that was eerie!
and my dad´s finally home again after a looooong time way out west at my sister's.
and some more cool stuffed arrived: tom waits' new cd box "orphans" is finally released. my current favourite is the "bastards"-cd with all its wonderful and surreal stories.
and i got the first volume of the "absolute sandman" hardcover ("the ultimate comic book fetish object") that i got pretty low priced ... well ... at least low priced in comparision to the retail price. and it indeed is really big and does look awesome. take a look at ms. maddy presenting it here.

2006-11-16 - the ties that bind, they are barbed and spined and hold us close forever

it seems i am getting extremely lazy again with updating this page which i can blame entirely on gothic 3 (which is still great fun as you might've guessed).
i visited leipzig last weekend (for shopping) and will do so again this weekend (for roleplaying). had great fun and had a nice day ambling through the city and even bought some stuff (mostly not for me, though ...)
and the 2nd album by joanna newsom is finally out and it is much much better than i ever dared to hope. it is certainly the best cd i've bought in a long time and currently i don't listen to much else and even karin says that she could probably sing along by now just from the times i listen to it at work . (at this point, i can quite vividly imagine matti explaining patiently that this is not actually music and that ms. joanna really shouldn't try to sing, thank you very much! :) )
also a wonderfully cloth-bound edition of susanna clarke's new short story collection arrived this weekend which i am sure is as good as her first book.

2006-11-03 - the post without title

this was pretty much of a gaming week again as i am still in the grips of g3.
but i went to leipzig at the weekend and we did some wonderful and funny rpg'ing. and then we went to a historical market on tuesday which was nice, too.
and then october ended and over night the temperatures fell from a nice late summer warmth to a frosty early winter chill practically over night.
and in another attempt to clean up this page a little, i looked through what was formerly known as "various pictures" and sorted some things out and put others in and now it's yet another gallery, although one mostly containing pictures that were there all along. but it looks nice.

2006-10-27 - tick tock tick tock tick tick.

been to berlin yesterday to go to a concert together with markus. mr. steel guitar himself, matt ward, was in town and did a wonderful show . he came without a band this time so he had to do all the work himself. and while the whole gig was very different from the one he did last year, it still was funny and surprising and really good.
(just googled, an old show on kcrw's "morning becomes eclectic" featuring songs from the last album is still available here.)
and today niklas and i visited festung mark to watch "das kabinett des dr. caligari" (filmed in 1920) which was also very nice.
over at wired is a collection of six word short stories, including some from such great people like neil gaiman, robert jordan or darren aronofsky.
but the coolest thing of all: kristin hersh's new album "learn to sing like a star" finally will be out in january. kristin's my favourite singer in the whole wide world, so i'll have a hard time waiting for january.

2006-10-25 - just one more quest!

started playing gothic 3. and now i'm as fascinated with it as i was with the first two parts. the cold numbers are: sunday i went to bed at 3 a.m., yesterday after at 2 a.m..
and today arrived the wonderful "the earth is not a cold dead place" by explosions in the sky

2006-10-20 - finally

okay, long time no update. but this time for a good reason. i finally got all the parts for my new computer but unfortunatly had some problems setting everything up.
but everything works and that's pretty cool. the new system specs are: athlon x2 4200+, asus m2n-e mainboard, 2 gigs pc2 667 and a geforce 7950gt graphics card.
of course i only got the new computer now because gothic 3 was released last week and i got the awesome collectors edition including a cloth map, bonus dvd, soundtrack and other stuff.
and "fragile things" by neil gaiman finally arrived and of course it's awesome, too.

2006-10-10 - bombs and balls

... and yesterday i barely escaped with my life after construction workers found a 5cwt bomb left over from world war 2 at the building across the street from work. police shut off the whole surrounding area which meant i could go home early.
actually, it wasn't very exciting, except for the going-home-early part, which was especially good because markus was visiting from berlin and we went to play snooker together and it was very nice.

2006-10-08 - bits and bites ... er, bytes

last week one of my hard discs started making funny noises (and i don't mean the "ha-ha"-funny kind of way!) so i went out and got a new one. and now my old 80gigs are replaced by 250gigs, which is obviously more disc space than anyone could ever need *g*. by now the old hdd is build into the old computer at my parents. it still makes funny noises but now all the critical data is saved, so let's see what happens :)
also the new pratchett book "wintersmith" has finally arrived and i already started reading during the weekend. i was house sitting my parents house, as they're visiting my sister and still the plants need their water and some other things needed doing. the weather was great and it's getting very autumnal (is this really a word?) by now. fortunately, this made me finally take some photos again after weeks of not finding anything worth taking a picture of. i guess it was some holiday- or iceland-withdrawal ...
also, i am no longer alone at my office, as the lovely ms. karin has returned from her holidays.

2006-10-02 - weekend summary

have a free day today as tomorrow is national holiday.
from september 28th to 30th the shortfilm-festival "halbbilder" took place in magdeburg at studiokino and moritzhof (two of only three small independent cinemas there). the selection was mixed but especially the saturday evening session was gorgeous. one really good movie after the next.
and it also was a good opportunity to meet some friends again, most of whom share a certain fondness of nice short films (what a coincidence).
and i got a letter from iceland. 12 tónar (maybe the coolest record store in the world) has sent me a copy of múm's "loksins erum við engin" (the icelandic version of "finally we are no one" which is only available in iceland) as they'd promised they'd do when i visited their shop and it wasn't available. i think i am quiet happy now :)
and finally, potw's are updated, too.

2006-09-29 - i like weird

updated lots of small things. new pic at the splash page, updated the source code of galleries one and two so they're now as easy to use as the others and also did some other small tweaks.
no new potw's, though. i simply didn't take any photos so i guess i have to look for some cool old photos i can put there instead. it feels a little like cheating, though there're no rules.
also, last weekend in leipzig was pretty funny. rpg'ing and talking till early in the morning, watching michas new-born daughter lovingly drool on her daddy and and on sunday, plucking lots and lots of wild plums from trees along the road.
then, lots of snooker during this week and i also watched brick in the cinema. it's a pretty weird movie, since it's a crime story set in an californian high school, but all characters act like people from a 1940's film noir movie. this feels a little strange but works well after some time and i really did like the movie.

2006-09-22 - now picture this

i finally put up some pictures of our trip to iceland. some of them are on the also updated potw-page, a few more are here. and i also wrote a short summary of where we went and what we saw, so if anyone is interested ... (well, it's probably of no interest of you if you weren't there). this whole thing took a lot more time than i expected. but now it's done and i am pretty happy about that.
harpercollins informed me that "fragile things" (the new book by the brilliant neil gaiman) will be out on september 26th. so why does amazon list it as released in october (even without a specific date!). i really do want it next week. really! *big eyes*
and tomorrow it's off to leipzig again. hope it'll be fun.

2006-09-20 - the simple life

so, everything back to normal again. back at work and everything. on monday snooker again for the first time in about two month.
and today "snakes on a plane in the cinema (it's a movie about snakes .... on a plane). it was absolutely illogical and absurd, but at the same time bizarrely entertaining. so if you don't take it seriously and are not frightened easily it's a good movie with cool quotes ("my name is mercedes. like the car - vroom vroom!").

2006-09-17 - all of the stars were being so noisy that it was hard for her to read

back home, once again. hopefully the current series of offline-news that i always upload once i get the opportunity will stop soon, as work (and therefore an available internet-connection) starts again on monday.
while still in berlin i visited markus for the first time in his new flat. now this is really amazing, as it extends over two storeys connected by a winding staircase. utterly cool! and we also went out and had a fine evening (not with the planned sushi, though).
went to my parents on thursday night, as i had a day off on friday and we went mushrooming and prepared some things for my niece who is starting school next wednesday.
also tried out library thing and created my own profile (it's far from complete, though). it seems pretty cool. check it out. and over at stylus magazine they did a collection of what they think are the best 100 music videos of all time. it's not exactly my choice but there are some really cool videos there anyway.

2006-09-13 - capital city news

currently at the dagm-conference in berlin. this is the main reason why no photos or anything (of the last holiday or other) are up yet, as i spent the weekend catching up on everything and prepared everything for said conference.
so now i am staying with matti for a few days which is really nice as we didn't see each other for a few month. today i visited the blackdog shop (to my knowledge the best shop for english comics in germany) and people there were really nice and helpful. so i guess this is a recommendation.

2006-09-07 - home again with the dawn coming up

i am finally back home, so here´s a first few words.
after 18 days in iceland, more than 4000 km on the road, extreme weather and countless attractions i still feel a little numb. this was so great!!
we saw so much ... waterfalls, craters, glaciers, geothermal fields and of course lava without end. and yet there is so much we didn't see, due to lack of time. anyway, a more comprehensive review and some photos will follow soon. for now i am just happy to have a real bed again. we had a really good tent and all the other equipment was great, too, but i really missed my bed (and maybe some roasted meat).
i still haven't catched up on what happened in the outside world and for now i can't even review my photos, as the necessary hardware is elsewhere.
i got some cool islandic music, though, as i bought "í þágu fallsins" by sk/um and the "kitchen motors family album" and even more is on the way.
the whole trip was really expensive, though (and after my next credit card debit i will know just how expensive ... but i'm sure it was massive!) as most things in iceland cost lots and lots of money by comparision.
but no matter, it was brilliant!
more soon.
good night!

2006-08-16 - random summer

on to iceland on sunday! i am getting a little nervous now. packing has to be done carefully as a) i am gonna have to carry the stuff a lot of the time and b) icelandair is only allowing for 40lbs of luggage*. got some money today and read lots of tips from other hiking trips to iceland.
also got a spare memory card from heiko. yeah!
as i'll be off on friday already this is the last news for some time. see you then.
peace out!

(*yeah, i checked: you just need a strength score of 4 to do that. i guess we´re gonna see if the rules apply to real life.)

2006-08-10 - preparations

10d to go. pretty busy preparing for the trip. still got to get some things, like appropriate shoes and a sleeping bag for cold weather and stuff. oh, the money!
nothing much else except some commotion last week about a conference paper not written because it just didn't work out. but it cost a lot of time anyway.

2006-08-01 - link-o-rama

nothing much happened, mainly due to the hellish weather. at my parents it finally rained for the first time in seven weeks and for now the temperature is down to "normal" summer.
birgit generously sent me her lonely planet on iceland and i got some additional stuff from the library.
and over at bbc4 a radio play of a short story by the amazing susanna clarke is online for this week (also available in written form here).
also clerks 2 is finally out in the u.s. no date for germany, though, so far. but don't miss the clerks in action short movies.
now, that's a lot of links. check them out, i am off to the cinema now :)

2006-07-25 - about the last weekend and the month to come

finally did my taxes last week. i tend to be a bit lazy there but for this year i'm finished.
but now for the weekend: i went to leipzig where spend quite some time shopping and visiting places, taking photos and stuff. also got a cool 2gb mp3stick which i absolutely love and which i could use for the first time while walking the city. i even got up the völkerschlachtdenkmal for the first time in several years. unfortunatly, they currently do some repairs there so i wasn't allowed to go everywhere.
also it was insanely hot last week and during the weekend and since i spend a lot of time outside i got a little sunburn.
saturday was mostly playing rpg at thomas' garden which was very nice (after the trouble of finding it in the first place). some bbq in the evening, some drinks, it was pretty good.
took a day off, yesterday, to visit my mom and took yet more pics of various insects. they're really nice, i should put some up here. also, we've got a wasps nest under the roof. i am not sure i was able to finish them off, but i'll try again next weekend if they aren't gone already.
and finally, and most importantly: holidays are planned. i'm gonna go to iceland with niklas at the end of august. the flight is booked, the rest will follow soon. i am so waiting for some free time, and it's ICELAND!!

2006-07-17 - a little web history

just rediscovered the directory on my hard drive containing all my old homepages. what you're currently looking at is my seventh homepage and by now it's on-line for a much longer time than any of the ones before.
the first two really looked like shit, but then that was 1998 and pretty much all pages were much more -- simple -- back then. the rest looked pretty much okay, and if you're with me for some time already, you may remember that the design of this page is very similar to my sixth page (although that one was in b/w, which is still an utterly cool idea, come to think of it.).
i really had to smile at the next to last news. and yes, i still don't have dsl at home.
and another of my favorites is the fourth page, which was online for a very short time in 2001 only, since it was hell to manage. and i wanted to use php for the first time which didn't work well as i didn't know anything about it. but the idea is still great.
well, and then there was that. *sign*
the quote matti (quoting the old man from "beneath a steel sky"): "those were the days, my son. those were the days."

2006-07-16 - butterfly county

it's definitly summer for a while now. but now the butterflies realised that, too. i don't think i've ever seen so many of them and i took lots of cool photos (at least, if you consider photos of butterflies cool). i also got my first dragon fly.
also, holidays are in the making. it's a bit complicated due to various appointments in august and september that mustn't be missed, but somehow we'll manage!
and finally, lectures are over, which means i hopefully will have time for other things ...

2006-07-10 - mostly about books .... again

it was incredibly warm during the whole last week and most of the time i spend just thinking about if i should switch the fan in my office to a higher level. decision like that are tough . in the end i didn't do it 'cause that would've meant that i'd had to get up and walk there to push the button.
also, a few cds arrived. among them was the new album by louise rhodes. it's kind of folk/singer/songwriter music, which was a little surprising as lou was part of lamb, one of the biggest electronic music acts from britain. anyway, the new album is great, i like it a lot.
and i there are two people to whom i recommended books by neil gaiman recently. karin's already got "american gods", which may very well be my favourite novel, while birgit hopefully already ordered "neverwhere". hope they'll like their new books. i sure do.
i should read a little more, too. there're still heaps of books waiting here to be read. but first some sleep.

2006-07-03 - recap supplement

polished up everything so the page looks more ongoing than it actually is.
and because life has a sense of irony, the extended edition of sin city seems to be released in the u.s., for more info look over here.

2006-07-01 - *yawn* june recap

it seems as if i haven't written anything in quite a long time. mostly this is because nothing exciting happened, but also because i currently have only little spare time.
this week i finally finished watching my cool lost dvds. also i play snooker a lot currently and was out with friends because it is summer and that's one of the things you do in summer. also, i was in leipzig at least twice in june, been on a marriage of one of the guys at work and also had quite a lot to do at the university.
at least there're some news on books: the "his dark materials" box by philip pullman arrived this week and i also got harlan ellisons 50th anniversary anthology which reprints a lot of his stories on over 1200 pages.
and i saw that "the ladies of grace adieu", a new book by susanna clarke, is listed over at amazon for release in october which means that there're already three books on my must-buy-list for this autumn (the other two are neil gaimans second short-story collection "fragile things" and the 3rd tiffany aching novel by terry pratchett).
also, i finally got sin city on dvd after half a year of pondering if i should wait for the promised special edition. but since i am waiting for the special edition of "kill bill" for nearly two years now, i decided that for now the regular movie will suffice.
so, back to summer ... i gonna go swimming later today. yeah!

2006-06-07 - the soundless dawn

finally added another gallery, this time it's constellations i took photos of. it's as interactive as this page will ever get! had to refresh my php-mind for that one but now it works like a charm. hope somebody likes it.
also, pics of the week are updated again, this week its baby spiders! they're so cute.

2006-06-05 - celebrations en masse

uh ... no entry in over a week. my bad.
first the report on the seminar: it was rainy and strenuous. and that's all i have to say to that.
next something pretty cool: i got a paper accepted at the dagm which is the best conference in image processing/pattern recognition here in germany.
also, once again i had a birthday and some people didn't remember (shame on you!) while others did (thumbs up!). little me got amongst other thing a whole heap of dvds. seven of them nicely packaged in a box labelled "lost - season one", the other six also in a box, this time labelled "babylon 5 - the movies". both of which made me very happy, even if the bab5 moviebox itself is done pretty lousy in comparision with the u.s. edition.
and today we already celebrated the next birthday, this time niklas was the jubilee and it was a nice quiet evening with a few people.

2006-05-26 - divine longing

had a wonderful day yesterday. for lunch it was sushi at best sushi-place in the city with some friends. then a little get together with drinks, table tennis and bbq and finally the amazing concert of gregor samsa at the mikrokosmos. ever since their new album came out a few weeks ago i am a huge fan of their music. despite some technical difficulties they played a really nice set with some dreamy sequences and some serious rock. it was in many ways what i would've expected of mogwai a few weeks ago.
and i got a hard-to-get ep as well as a cool shirt, enlarging my "collection of tour shirts of post rock bands" to a total of two.
and just to mention it: yes, i saw the da vinci code, some friends dragged me violently into the cinema (this is of course exaggerated ... but not by much). the word that imo describes the movie best, is "boring". it's not really bad in any way, but it's also not exciting, cool, smart or anything else i want in a movie.
and the coolest thing: i got the "authors preferred edition" of "american gods" by neil gaiman. not the ultra-expensive and ultra-cool hillhouse edition though, but just the headline-paperback, but it's cool anyway.
and finally, next week i'll be off to a seminar for three days. currently i am not sure if this'll be fun or not, but i'll report back.

2006-05-23 - fun and games

for the last few weeks i am really busy and i usually see my flat only to go to bed there. besides work i try to fill the evenings and currently i do this quite well. snooker training on monday and wednesday as usual (and i even think i get a little better with time) and all kinds of different stuff on the other days. for instance last week, we watched aaltra on tuesday, the ultimative wheelchair road movie, which was absurd, macabre and funny. another movie on thursday, silent hill, that lacked a good story and had some really stupid dialogue, but looked really damned good and surreal.
the weekend was all rainy so i spend my time reading. i finally got my hands on the elusive "wasp" by eric frank russell. neil gaiman and terry pratchett both claim it's a cool and funny book, and who am i to argue ...
also, check out the trailer for a scanner darkly. after reading the book i got interested and the trailer really stunned me. it looks awesome!!
as for the potw (you cannot link to this page often enough, it's the only page that is updated regularly): hooray, it's a butterfly again this week.

2006-05-14 - people are like seasons

markus is visiting this weekend and we were already playing snooker on friday. and today was really cool 'cause we had a full six hours of snooker training with lasse münstermann (probably the best in german snooker) and it turned out he is a really nice guy and very patient and helpful and we had a great time.
but that's not all: in the evening markus and me were visiting a concert of sophia which was really cool. the guys played about three hours, about half was an amazing acoustic session and during the other half they really rocked as only five guys with electric guitars can rock. and these guys were really nice, too, asking people what they wanted them to play and making jokes and stuff.
aside from my exciting weekend nothing much did happen except that i did get some new musical equipment. also i finally watched syriana which was not as great as excepted but was nevertheless a good movie.

2006-05-06 - there is only one return

good news for every kevin smith fan: clerks ii will be out august 18th and the webpage is already up, including some teasers and an extensive video blog.
me, i had a pretty quiet time except for some snooker playing but i have my highs and lows and have no idea how to get more constant.
yesterday i went to the laga in rathenow with my parents. it was quite okay but i for one would've hoped for more since a lot of stuff there is artificial or trashy and everything was pretty expensive. the day was nice anyway except for my sore feet from a whole day of walking.

2006-04-26 - rock action

the mogwai concert on monday was pretty good. i do feel they were a bit tame, though. most of the time the played the more quiet but popular tracks and only towards the end they did really rock for one or two songs. "we're no here" was so fuckin' great with the guys kneeling on the floor and mistreating their guitars!
also, karin had a birthday yesterday, so there was a lot of cake and champange and stuff. fortunatly, i do have a little over a month left.
and tonite i finally played snooker again and though it could've been better, i didn't totally suck. and it was great fun.

2006-04-19 - watch it

it hadn't realised how far behind i was on potw´s. and it's not that i didn't take any pics. quite the opposite. so i sat tonight and selected a few nice pics and now i am up to date again.
also, i'm gonna pay back all of my bafög this week (which is basic'ly more money than i actually have) so i will be really, really poor for the weeks to come. on the other hand, i save a lot of money this way that i won't have to pay back.
and my last investment arrived today: the ticket for mogwai. monday. berlin! hooray!!

2006-04-18 - easter review

had pretty nice prolonged easter holidays with lots of daytrips around the area. weather was good (if a little rainy) and i took lots of photos during the last days.
also, the snooker world championship started on saturday and will continue till the beginning of may, which means i'm watching far more tv now than usually.

2006-04-14 - forgive me

was the birthday party of matti and david in berlin last weekend which was an opportunity to see everyone from the good old times again.
then lots and lots of work during the week, so that i even had to cut on snooker. but the work is done now (right in time for easter) and yesterday i watched stay in cinema.
since probably nearly no one knows of this movie i feel obliged to mention that it was one of the most perfect movies i ever saw. the visuals were amazing, the story was good, it was strange and sometimes scary but always fascinating.
also i finally ordered the ticket for the mogwai-concert in berlin on april 24th. and today i went to my parents for the easter holidays and i already did a walk in the woods and was astonished by the masses of frogs and toad in the little lake here.

2006-04-06 - research matters

lots of work this week and the next. i have to finish a conference paper for this years dagm which leaves not much time for anything else.
but the weekend is off work since i´m gonna visit matti and david who celebrate their respective birthdays. hope it´ll fun, i need it.

2006-04-01 - hardware update

actually, i should try and keep my money together right now. but i bought some cool stuff anyway. my snooker cue has arrived (alas, only after the training) and i also got a 80 gig usb-harddisc that is absolutly awesome. its fast and small and light-weighted and silent and i absolutly love it!
and we had a little farewell meeting with markus who brought drinks and ice and we played some pool in the evening with niklas and jenny (who has also left at the end of this week). and i saw inside man on tuesday. i don't think i ever saw a movie with that much product placement but it was really nice, had a good story and think i can recommend it.

2006-03-27 - one by one the penguins steal my sanity

it is raining outside. but that's cool because rain isn't snow. it is much warmer now than during the last months and winter seems finally gone. hooray!
i was getting around a lot during the last weekend. first i had to get my car back that i'd left at home when going to hamburg. next stop leipzig, where we had a nice rpg session even if our chars nearly killed each other. and yesterday i went back to my parents for various reasons and spend a nice afternoon where i was mostly outside.
last week was cool, too. we had sushi again after a long time and it was really good and way to much for the three of us that where there. and snooker is progressing nicely, too. i finally ordered my cue and hope i'll arrive before training on wednesday.
and on the downside (for me), markus got a job in berlin which is utterly cool for him but leaves me pretty much alone here.

2006-03-20 - downtown

so, i am sitting here inna lousy hotel in hamburg on a really old notebook and i am typing this using notepad. actually, this kinda sounds like the beginning of a farewell letter. but really, i am not considering suicide. instead am just visiting a conference and had a pretty long day with lots of talks and stuff. fortunatly there is enough food for everyone and it's all free!
and tomorrow i'll have a talk myself on some research stuff i did. hopefully all will go well. and afterwards i'll go home again.
also, i was on a short visit to leipzig last saturday getting something black to dress for tomorrow. and while there i got a whole bunch of really cool low priced dvds that make up for all the ones i didn't buy during the last months.

2006-03-13 - still white

lots and lots of snow this weekend. had to go outside a few times a day to keep the doors free. this is not funny anymore. it´s march already. it´s supposed to get sunny and warm by now!

2006-03-10 - reviewing the week

finally updated the potw again. it is a bit hard currently with the lousy weather and me in no mood to take any pictures.
also, the painting i mentioned is now placed in my office at work where i see it probably more often as if it´d be hanging at home. currently i try to assemble a few slides for a talk i have to give in hamburg in a few days. unfortunatly the work it´s about is already done for a few month now and i don´t feel like going into that stuff again.
after work, markus and me played snooker a lot this week and are even pondering the join the local club. this could be interesting.

2006-03-04 - friend of the night

the snooker house in magdeburg has opened last weekend. this is a good thing even if their tables are a lot easier than what i am used to. everything is still new and only a few people currently know it's there so it was a nice and quiet atmosphere when we checked it out this week.
and some cds arrived this weekend, among them the brand-new "mr. beast" by mogwai. and it really rocks. so fuckin' much. it really does!
also, i forgot to mention that i got a very large painting as a very late christmas present from birgit. and i am still not sure where to put it.

2006-02-28 - time flies

oh my, it's been 14 days already?! and there's actually not much to write about.
i've been at my parents a lot since my mom´s been alone for a while and i helped her with various things. and my sister and her daughter are visiting currently so there were things to prepare.
at work i am preparing things, too, for the next term and i have to do some reports which led me to using tex again. this is so utterly cool and i remember now why i loved it so much a few years back.
and 11:14 is being released on dvd in two days. that's the first movie in a long time that's worth buying for me.

2006-02-14 - going out again

wow, there were actually things happening during the last days! during the weekend we did some nice roleplaying on saturday and spent a long time outside with various dogs on sunday which was quite some fun, too.
and this week kept on being interesting as we were watching "munich" on monday. the movie was pretty good even if probably not as much of the movie is true as the makers like to suggest. but it is a good story and it has some believable characters. and today markus and i had a long snooker session with him winning but a lot of fun for both of us.
but it'll get a bit quiter since i'll be taking a few days off at the end of the week.

2006-02-10 - just a quick note

yesterday was markus' defense which went pretty well and there was a nice party afterwards and people were continuously refilling my glass and we played some games and had a lot of fun and today i feel pretty tired and didn't get very much done but tomorrow i'll go to leipzig after quite some time and now i do really think this sentence is sufficiently long and i'm gonna just finish writing and go home.

2006-02-06 - lagging behind

long time no update and two reasons for it: first, i wasn't around much due to mother being in hospital (but she's better again). two, there's actually nothing to write about. this year seems singularily uneventful.
but this week there actually is an event: markus has his defense, which in turn means i have a lot to do in preparation.
and after a long time i replayed "maniac mansion" last weekend. i enjoyed it immensly and you can download the vga-deluxe-version here.

2006-01-25 - readings for free

i have to prepare a talk for next week on what it is i am actually doing all the time.
over at neil gaiman doing a reading in denver last september (there're also other podcasts there, including one of the brilliant susanna clarke).

2006-01-22 - sleepy duck

had a dumb week with a rest-cold and a lot of things not working out the way i wanted them. also i didn't take any photos for two weeks so i've updated for now with old pictures and that's also why its sleeping ducks this week. (and please, listen to the march of the sinister ducks while watching this picture!!).
last week i stumbled on some old textadventures from infocom. i love these! you can officially download zork I - III here.
otherwise the week was singulary uneventful (just as the week before).

2006-01-14 - sensible entertainment

this is the second time inna row that i wasn't able to go to leipzig because i am ill. wtf!! and since when do i get more'n one cold in a winter?! suckers!
but anyway, after finishing crusade this week i took the chance and re-read "midnight nation" by j. michal straczynski as well as some new stuff.
and tomorrow starts the masters in london which means eight days of sensible entertainment on tv.

2006-01-09 - embarrassing reminders of the youth

first day at work today after the holiday. Of course this included checking lots of mail. and now i want to thank everyone wishing me a happy new year. i really do.
and on the weekend reviewed my old cds from a time when i still listened mostly to mainstream music. most of it could be easily discarded as trash (mostly euro-dance-techno-stuff *shiver*). but there're some nice things that were worth finding again. most of all probably my old lassie singers stuff. but that wasn't mainstream even then.
and since it matches so nicely i also updated the music-page.

2006-01-05 - just daily holiday routine

been to leipzig yesterday on a short trip to check if everything was still as ever. it was.
wandered around all day, got some books, had some nice pasta for lunch and drove home in the evening through thick fog.
other than that i mostly do computer games till early in the morning. just like the good ol' times. well, not quite.

2006-01-01 - and so it begins

spent my new years eve with friends in wolfsburg, playing games and watching tv.
and now that i'm back home i wish all of you a happy new year. have fun, keep up with old friends and meet some ones and don't always do what is expected of you.

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