2012-01-28 - are you still there?

yes. yes i am.

the new year has already thrown quite a bit at me. there is still a lot going on concerning therapy for my parents. i've been to potsdam this week for a business trip and currently i also got a cold.

on the other hand, "skyrim" is still going strong (currently at level 60 with a 166 hours. waaah!)

i am taking part in rich burlew's kickstarter to bring the order of the stick books back in print. i already got all the books so i am in it only for the extras. but so far it's going phenomenally well and if you are interested in the books, this is your chance!

another 'book'-thing: if you want something really special, get "astronomical" by mishka henner.

so, that's about it already. hopefully there will be more regular updates again when time is not as precious as now and i am well again.

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