2012-02-19 - tear a kiss into a lie of bliss

a week ago i went to see soap&skin at the volksbühne in berlin. i've already seen anja in 2009 but this time was very different from the last. the music was still as intense and brilliant as before, but see seemed much more mature this time (yeah, she's whooping 21 yrs old by now), still quite excentric but much more open to the audience. and she ended the show with a very emotional cover with the doors' "the end" (although played very much like nico's version). needless to say i got the new ep "narrow".

and i also obtained some new cd racks last week so i could replace the old crappy ones and get rid of the multiple chest-high stacks of cds at my desk at the same time. i would be lying if i said all looks nice and tidy now but at least the cds do. and the rest of my living room has at least improved a little.

i also finally had a bit of time at my hands to play some other games a bit besides "skyrim". i now got a few hours in "bastion" as well as "trine 2" under my belt and i have to say that both games are awesome. i also got "dear esther" at the weekend. it's very short (my play-though took less than two hours) but stunningly beautiful. i should probably say that it is not really a game. very hard to describe. some call it an interactive movie, some say it is simply a piece of art and one of the reviewers over at rockpapershotgun called it a "lonely, guilt-stricken man simulator". and all of that is completely true.

and while i am at the subject of games: doublefine, tim schafer's game company, wants to fund their next adventure via kickstarter. they've already got much more money than they aimed for, but it's still worth partaking if you're into these kind of games. every additional dollar will - according to tim - make the game bigger and better (voice actors, etc.).

until three month ago i had never done anything at kickstarter but over the past few weeks so many people i like have started projects that i find worth backing. meanwhile rich burlews "order of the stick"-drive is coming to an end (less than two days to go) and was wildly successful. he aimed for 60.000$ and got about a million. he also did intesting updates and comics regarding the drive every day which - at least for me - made it very worthwhile following the whole thing. and with him constantly adding rewards i am now updated from "one pdf-bonus story and a fridge magnet" to more bonus prizes than i care to name here (wallpapers, five bonus stories, patches, monster mineatures, etc.). it's really nice to see him care so much about his project and his fans!

whoa, this was the longest update in month! even if i didn't really say much. i think i need some sleep now!

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