2012-03-28 - seaons in the sun

with spring here and the days being warm and sunny i find myself more and more drawn out into the real world. lots of cycling, talking walks and the odd table tennis match. and every morning when cycling to work my hands almost fall off because the nights are still awfully cold.

anyway, i had quite the busy weekend. matti had a birthday and did a party. there was a lot of good food and tasty drinks and it got quite late (well, at least what passes for 'late' at my advanced age). and on sunday my parents were visiting (for the first time in i don't know how long!) and we did the first visit to the zoo this year with my parents seeing the "gondwanaland"-hall for the first time (which - as i learned just now - is the largest tropical house in europe with an area of over 16.000 m2).

and yesterday i got lone survivor, which has got to be the most lovely survival horror adventure ever. so far i haven't seen too much of the game but it reminds me a lot of "dreamweb" back in the old dos-days. it is not afraid to be funny at times and the music is just really good.

2012-03-21 - call of valor

i am a little sad to say that i am pretty much done with skyrim for now. i am sure i have not done everything in the game, but after more than 200 hrs i finished all the questlines and about 400 other quests. i have got all achievements, learned over 60 spells and maxed all shouts, have ten out of eighteen skills maxed. i am pround owner of five houses and have not killed a single rabbit.

but not all is lost: two days ago i finally got morrowind overhaul installed and so far the return to vvardenfall is turning out to be a lot of fun. also, the baldurs gate enchanced edition has been announced last week!

and in the real world the winter is gone, too. it's getting increasingly warmer, so i have started to do some sports again. and as every spring i feel like the most sluggish person all over town. but things are getting better each day.

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