2012-04-11 - just the annual easter update

i had a few days off for the easter holidays. the weather wasn't as good as i hoped but i did some relaxing and reading and stuff. on monday was theresa's birthday, once again with great food en masse and her little one stealing everyones attention.

but it seems as if i am getting presents, too: the rewards for the kickstarters i have been participating in have started shipping: the cd set for "an evening with neil gaiman & amanda palmer" is being send out and i am downloading the digital package as i am typing this. appearantly it's a 4cd-set now instead of just three. how lovely! and the non-digital goodies of the order of the stick reprint drive (fridge magnets, etc.) are also finished and will start shipping over the next few days.

i haven't been playing games that much over the holidays but most of the time i did spend gaming i was fighting zombies in lone survivor. the game is insanely good. destructoid did an extremely charming review on the game.

also, a new game by yahtzee croshaw has been released: "poacher" is a fun but hard retro-style jump'n'run game. get it here for free!

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