2012-06-17 - do you wanna dance? do you wanna fight?

so last week markus and me got to the amanda palmer-show at the roter salon in berlin. the show'd been sold out pretty fast and we'd been lucky to get tickets. and it was sooooo worth it. due to a mix-up with the volksbühne there was a theatre play in the very next room and amanda was told "not to make too much noise" for the first hour or so. which basically resulted in totally disorganised, improvised and hilarious show.

because of said play there were a lot of "quiet" songs in the beginning such as her NWA-cover "do you swear to tell the truth..." and "map of tasmania" (during which i image the only thing you could hear in the next room was the whole audience yelling "FUCK IT!" every few seconds). there was also a short impromptu death-metal-song called "theatre is evil" the band played just to test how loud they could get exacly. there was - of all things - amanda singing a cover of "last christmas" by wham! to the utter amazement of her band. there was also a bunch of excellent dixieland-style brass players for a number of songs! i should probably mention that despite all these things this was a rock concert. and a really good and loud one at that. the whole show was over three hours long with amanda getting a bit hoarse towards the end so the audience had to do more singing.

this was my third AFP show in as many years and i would not want to compare it to the others. there are few people who do better or more authentic shows. and it is always amazing how much fun the band actually has during the whole show.

so. what else? i did a lot of biking over the last two weeks because there is an inter-city tournament/initiative thingy concerned with co2-savings (link). i also got a bike computer for that occasion and so far i've seen some interesting statistics concerning my way of driving. and i've got more than 200 km despite long absences during weekends which seems not so bad in comparison.

this is probably also the time to mention that i got a "new" car. it's a six year old mitsubishi colt. so far it seems a good replacement for the old one. i didn't do much driving since i got it (the trip to berlin was by far the longest trip). my biggest problem so far is, that i still have to get my mp3-player in there somehow. first world problems ...

i also a huge number of new games, mostly due to the latest amazing "humble bundle". i am currently playing most of these concurrently in my scarce spare time but the thing that fascinates me most currently is "super meat boy". i would never have thought that this would be so much fun. after the first few levels it's getting insanely hard but somehow it's not frustrating that i have died well over 1000 times in the game (it helpfully counts your deaths!). i also have a whooping twelve minutes on my "amneasia"-account and i am not sure if i am brave enough to go back.

also, summer is coming: this weekend there was a bbq and lots of strawberries and i ate the first of our cherries and currants.

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