2012-11-10 - i'm alive, i love you, i'll see you in reno *


it seems like i kind of missed updating the page there for a little while. actually, i somehow lost the whole summer. and more.

strangely enough there is no particular reasons for that. i just somehow never got around to it. and at some point so many things had happened that i was scared of the enourmous blog post that would be the consequence of telling all that.

by now i am over that. i guess a lot of things will never find their way here.

sometime during the summer there was a week when i was in south korea, for work related reasons. there also was a week where i was on the isle of rügen, for vacation reasons. i was in mannheim for my sis and i was visiting a butterfly park during a tropical night night event because i am crazy about butterflies.

i got lots of books, cds and other stuff during that time but i think i'll just mention zach wiener's "trial of the clone", cmv's "this is my letter to the world" and "a blink of the screen", the brand new short fiction collection by terry pratchett, because these are the highlights. oh, there is also black mesa source. it's great and it's free.

and i found a shop that sells dried fish from iceland over here (yummy!) and i also found a shop which sells scottish cider (yummy again!).

and a few weeks back matti got me to go swimming weekly because what else are you gonna do during winter when it's dark and cold and wet outside.

also, since yesterday i am officially a first aider at my place of employment.

okay ... that's it. that wasn't so bad. maybe i'll even get around to do another update this year. *sighs*

* xpl

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