2012-12-17 - come as you are

last week i was at a reading for the upcoming book by marc-uwe kling. i am a huge fan of his kangaroo chronicles and the reading was as funny as expected. support (yes, there was support on a reading!) was by native leipzig poetry slam comedian julius fischer and both of them did some readings, some songs and just were immensely funny.

and on friday i was finally able to see bodo wartke live for the first time (after a number of misguided attempts to do so). we went to see his theatre performace on king oedipus. despite the classical tragic story it was immensely funny, not least because bodo was playing all parts himself which lead to some hilarious situations in scenes with multiple personas on stage.

also christmas is getting close and i got a personalised christmas calender from theresa. she had some very beautiful ideas there and i am very happy she did this for me. as a side effect i refreshed my knowledge on greek mythology in the process.

there was quite some snow here over the past two weeks so my bike had some time off to rest in the cellar. Now almost everything is gone again and it is pretty warm outside. During that time my parents have been visiting and we went to see the christmas market here in leipzig. the whole thing is incredibly big and we just saw a small part but it was a very nice day anyway.

and finally, the new "game" by tale-of-tales, "bientôt l'été", is out. i was a huge fan of their last game, "the path" and they generally have a very unconventional approach to the whole concept of what a "game" actually is and how/if it should guide the player in any way.