2013-02-01 - digital is better!

turns out the summary post of my recent vacation wasn't visible due to some php-scripting mix-up. it should all be fixed now so don't miss the lengthy post below.

in other news: i got a new camera today! as mentioned below my trusty 1000d died on me somewhere in the dautean mountains of tenerife, so i took the chance to finally get a new one. i had meant to do that for about a year now and no matter if i get to fix the old one i am quite happy that i now own a brand new canon 650d. this is a slight step up from the old one but i am not yet in the semi-pro range. i actually did only a few test shots so far to make sure the camera is working and as of now i am quite impressed by what the camera did despite my dimly lit room. so hopefully to another five years ... or more.

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