2013-07-08 - the wheel of time turns and ages come and pass

it has been so incredibly long since the last post that i am not sure if anybody is going to read this after all. lots and lots of things have happened so i'll try to pick out a few interesting ones.

at the moment i am most happy about how peaceful my flat is now. i had an extremely annoying neighbour since the middle of last year. there were a lot of issues me and a lot of the other residents had with him. for me it was mostly loud music all through the night. but he finally got kicked out last week and so far i have been enjoying the new quiet and peace a lot.

in the past months i have not been reading a lot but it seems that, too, is on the up again. last week, neil gaimans new book "the ocean at the end of the lane" was finally out and i am all excited about reading it. i'll just need to finish my re-read of pratchetts "witches abroad". i didn't really recall exactly how brilliant this book is. a lot of my all-time favourite pratchett quotes are in that book and i didn't remember!

in mid-june i went to a dead can dance concert at the zitadelle spandau in berlin. getting there was a surprising organisational burden because the concert couldn't have been timed much worse considered my schedule for june. but i've been a huge fan for years and was already quite happy when a new album came out last year after more than 15 years. but finally getting the chance to see them live was quite the event. the concert was immensely impressive. it is hard to describe. words like "majestic" or "stunning" come to mind. i guess you had to be there.

i also saw the yeah yeah yeahs live which was simply a lot of fun. they let you know every second that they're a true rock band, something wild happening on stage the whole time and always keeping the crowd moving. support act was bosnian rainbows whom i didn't know before. the songs were quite my thing but their live performance was just brilliant and made up for everything else.

and there are also a few things i bought: i got a new a/v receiver (an onkyo tx-nr414) because the old one was, well, really old and i couldn't overlook some of its technical problems any longer. and i also got a new tv for my parents. and while i know that this is technically nothing special any more, i still get excited by the fact that both have usb-ports that allow me to easily play music or videos on the respective device. and it works, too! this is currently my "we live in the future" thing.

jobwise, june was insanely busy. but all the things i did at least seem to be noticed by some of the higher-ups and this will hopefully work to my advantage in the future. just one thing: i co-organised a workshop within EuroVis (the larges conference on visualisation in europe) which was surprisingly successful and fun. during the conference i also met lots of people back from the old days in magdeburg, there was lots to talk about and it was nice in general to be among computer scientists again, for a change.