2013-07-22 - just to let you know i'm good

second update this month! in your face, world! ;)

july has been wonderfully laid back for the most part in contrast to all stress i had in june. i've actually had time to read and play games ("the swapper" is a wonderful puzzle platformer if you like this sort of thing) and we had an entertaining roleplaying time just last weekend.

i've also started reading "the ocean at the end of the lane" last weekend. currently it just feels incredibly good to read something with this special neil-gaiman-feel to it. the man just has a way with words and knows how to trigger just the right emotions in me.

markus and me have also begun our holiday planning. most of august will be spent in finland and we're currently figuring out where exactly we actually want to go. it's nice to know that this year i will have a proper long time off work again, no worries except where to pitch the tent and what exactly i would like to do next.

so yeah, this is mostly just to let you know that there is currently not much to worry about...