2013-08-04 - the holiday season

just a quick update before i leave:

i've taken three weeks off work and am now officially in full holiday mode. unfortunately it's been insanely warm most of the time within the last 10 days or so. but on tuesday markus and me will leave for finland where temperatures should be much more tolerable. i am quite looking forward to the trip, especially since i haven't done such a long trip for two years now. the tent is packed and we rented a car so everything should be awesome!

i finally got my super-limited deluxe edition of neil gaimans "the ocean at the end of the lane". i am still not sure if it's worth the price i paid for it (it is officially the most expensive book i ever bought) but it sure looks very beautiful and is a fine piece of work.

apropos good stories: tor.com currently celebrates "five years of stories" and compiled an ebook containing every story published on the website in those five years. the result is a 3.800 page book containing 151 stories and it's completly free!. i guess i've read less than 1/10th but there is some great stuff in there.