this is me.
i don't look like this all the time.

i spend an awful lot of time in front of my computer either working or playing games. usually i listen to music people tend not to know.

i am a graduate student of computer science. i recently finished my phd-thesis and am now working in the field of environmental informatics.

you can download all my research papers here. i am currently not allowed to give away my phd-thesis for free but if you contact me we might be able to work something out. my diploma thesis about compression of hypersprectral imagery (written in german) is available here.


page info:
all pics, txt, programming by me. in case you want to use any pics or other stuff from this page, you may do so under the conditions specified by the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

i didn't actually use any fancy stuff for this page but you should've enabled javascript to see everything the way i intended it to be. also, i make extensive use of css, which means this page won't work on very old browsers (netscape 4, etc.)

email: rahv(at)