The last year has seen tremendous progress on large scale machine learning for numerical weather prediction. In the workshop we will take stock of the developments and discuss possible next steps and open research frontiers. For this, the workshop will bring together researchers from industry, modeling centers and academia and provide a forum for detailed discussions on the subject.

The workshop will be a mixture of talks and discussions to allow for a free exchange of ideas and help propel the field forward. Topics include:


Date and time: Faculty Club, University of Bonn; 4 September 2023, 9:30 - 5 September 2023, 18:00

Organizers: Martin Schultz (Jülich Supercomputing Center), Matthew Chantry (ECWMF), Christian Lessig (University of Magdeburg), Jürgen Gall (University of Bonn),

Registration and Abstract submission

Please register here for in person participitation: We plan to stream the workshop if possible; please check again a few weeks before the event for details.

Abstracts (1 page PDF, text and/or figures) can be submitted via email: To leave enough time for in depth discussions, we will decide on the format (likely short presentation and/or posters) based on the number of submissions. Deadline for abstracts is 17 July 2023.


Bonn has a variety of hotels at various price points. One with a good money/value ratio and very close to the workshop location is Motel One Beethoven. We recommend to book early since Bonn has many business travelers and hotels tend to become booked out and/or expensive.


The program will become available in summer 2023.